Sir Joseph Grey

  • I live in London, England
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is former Southern Secretary
  • I am a backbencher now
  • Sir Joseph Grey

    Hi erebody, 

    I was just thinking about my old server, and was wondering how many of you played on it. Just click "yes" or "no" and go on your way. If comments get too r00d I will close them. Thank. 

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  • Sir Joseph Grey

    Hello, as many of you know, I’ve been gone recently due to the death of my Great Uncle. I am now - for the most part - back active again, and ready to contribute to these new changes we’re starting. However, there are a few issues.

    I originally supported the ASA, but now that it has been put into action, I see that it does more harm than good. Requiring only ONE Admin/Mod to accept implementing new games is not right. After seeing “Pajama Sam” (which the user who requested in stated in chat that he had no idea what it was about) being passed, I feel the urge to have the ASA repealed. Thus, I believe that it should take a Community Vote to implement new games, and until then, we should revert to using the original games that were passed by C…

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  • Sir Joseph Grey

    I've decided that to start boosting activity, and to encourage community interaction, I'm going to start making Top 10 Lists, starting with my own role-play nation, Switzerland! Throughout the years of POTCO, nearly a dozen men claimed the throne of Switzerland. This is a list of the best of them, valued through prestige, control, organization, titles, followers, and qualities. 

    • Note: Phillipe V Clemente, the founder of Switzerland, is ommitted from this list due to being King of Spain, and appointing Jason Blademorgan, first as Viceroy, then as Protectorate-King. 

    1. Phillipe V Clemente - Founder (Ommitted) 
    2. William I   
    3. Matthew I   
    4. Ryan I   
    5. Rose I (Regent)   
    6. Matthew II   
    7. William II  
    8. Benjamin I (Regent) 
    9. David I   
    10. William III   
    11. Alexander I 

    10.) V…

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  • Sir Joseph Grey

    The second of my top ten lists. This one is for Swiss Military Leaders. It is organized by battle skill, control, organization, disipline, and loyalty. 

    • General of the Army and Head of the Military Johnathan Scurvycastle Kroshbon 
    • Admiral of the Swiss Fleet Christopher Ironshot 
    • Minister of Defense Roger Warskull 
    • Major General Richard Shipbreaker Kroshbon
    • Lord General Roberto Seasteel de' Medici 
    • Lieutenant General Mark Sharkswine 
    • Head of the Military Earl Nigel Crossbones (aka Ryan Goldmonk) 
    • Admiral of the Swiss Fleet Glace "Ice" Heart Macmorgan 
    • Brigadier General Edward Tackswine 
    • Brigadier General Jack Goldwash

    10.) Brigadier General Jack Goldwash - Sixth-in-command, and most junior of the officers, of the Armed Guard when it was founded. Goldw…

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  • Sir Joseph Grey

    Leaving on a trip. Return July 26. kthxbai. 

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