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  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is Gaming
  • I am Squirto
  • Squirto19

    Copy pasted from this thread:

    "This wiki has changed so much since its creation back in 2010, it's changed so much from how it was back in 2013. We've changed as a community, from new faces to just overall growth as individual people. So why should we continue to stick with policies that defined a completely different wiki and community?

    The ISP was put in place to keep the staff of the wiki as active as possible within the community. A need which almost immediately passed as soon as content began to slow down and POTCO drama began to leave our doorstep. Some of the current staff may not satisfy the edit requirements of 5 years ago, but they still contribute to the wiki when they can. While also remaining a very active part of the community,…

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  • Squirto19

    For some time now, G-man has been allowed to hold Bureaucrat powers on two separate accounts since his resignation, those accounts being The Butcher of Stilwater and G-mot.. Early this morning G-man used the G-mot. account to unban a permanently banned user's sockpuppet in what Gio has said was "a drill to test our preparedness". The administration has decided it would be in the wiki's best interest to have G-mot. and The Butcher of Stilwater demoted from Bureaucrat. The request will be sent to Fandom Staff to handle the demotion if a majority of Support is reached.

    1. Squirto19
    2. Captain Ned Edgewalker
    3. Nults McKagan
    4. WaglingtonŒ
    5. Nate Crestbreaker
    6. LawIronhawk

    1. Marc Warfury

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  • Squirto19

    Copy pasted from Mall's thread:

    "Per the advice of our esteemed Admin of Coding and all things technological, there has been a recent stem of interest in switching from talk pages to message boards in order to modernize our incredibly ALIVE and WELL ROUNDED wiki. Most people know that I am a huge fan of my talk page and love re-reading history, but I do believe the time has come to switch. Luckily we can archive our talk pages, which I highly suggest you do!"

    And also just to further note, all talk pages will be auto-archived and any pre-archived talk pages will just have a simple name change from "User Talk:FakeUser/Archive1" to "Message Wall:FakeUser/Archive1".

    Squirto19 - Talk Page

    • Squirto19
    • Captain Ned Edgewalker
    • Marc Warfury
    • Nults McKagan
    • Johnn…

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  • Squirto19

    So Wikia implemented a new Nav Bar sometime within the last 12 hours, and that's always fun to get hit with that. While it looks great it actually brought up a problem that has apparently been hiding in our code since forever ago. Some pages don't appear to be affected by it, but most all of them are. I'm trying to fix it as soon as possible but I just have no idea where the code is even coming from. So bare with me while some pages are gonna have no edit button for a while. You can however go to the page you want to edit and in the URL at the top just add on to the end "?action=edit" and that'll let you edit your page for now if it's having this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience (even though it's probably only going to inconvenience Lit…

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  • Squirto19

    Quick apology/Bot vote

    April 12, 2017 by Squirto19

    Just making a quick apology because I'll most likely be gone by the time anyone actually comes on to see it. I'm just apologizing for the 19 edits I just did with my new bot because I know you all hate it when Recent Activity is cluttered. I was just testing it out to make sure I could work it and those edits are only showing because it's not officially a Bot yet. But that can change ;3

    (Mall if I'm completely imagining a conversation we had about me getting a bot for stuff just feel free to delete this part)

    So in the event I wasn't imagining a conversation with Mall, all we need to have Wikia officially flag SquirtBot19 as a bot is explicit permission from a bureaucrat, or we can have a public vote here about getting the vote if we want co…

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