aka Morgan Freeman

  • I live in Mother Russia
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is Be the next Morgan Freeman
  • I am Female
  • Stormwalker00

    Okai guise I shall do this when I have time later on in the day so atm it will be blank! I'm doing people I know first prob cause I can't make a random person a sloth without knowing them :) Comment below for an animal >:D 

    Sir Hawke obviously as a Hawk.

    First thing that came to mind when I thought of Pencil was a flamingo

    I picture Jim Logan as a Bald Eagle... 'MURICA

    Jeremiah Garland as an owl (not because he asked but because I just agreed with him)

    Hannah Bluefeather

    BoogieMango as the smiling sloth :D



    Johnny Goldtimbers (Hopefully you understand why I chose this for you)

    More will be added I'm just tired :3

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  • Stormwalker00

    Not sure if anyone on the wiki knew about my glorious troll pirate named Rafiki, and since some people are making little sob stories I shall make a page dedicated to my special Rafiki and the adventures we have made together

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  • Stormwalker00

    Ok so I shall go through pictures of cartoons and the first person I think of while looking at the picture shall be you!! No asking to switch or requesting!! If I forget you just tell me and I will add you. (I also will be adding the characters theme songs if they have one that I know of)

    Jack Pistol

    Hannah Bluefeather

    John Breasly


    Albert Spark

    Jack Goldwrecker

    Sven Daggersteel

    Johnny Goldtimbers

    Basil Brawlmonk


    Jeremiah Garland

    David McMartin


    Jim Logan




    Sir Hawke

    Jeffery Blasthawk


    Kate the Great!

    Ok so I shall add on tomorrow, to be added just comment and I will try my best to get it posted :)

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