Not sure if anyone on the wiki knew about my glorious troll pirate named Rafiki, and since some people are making little sob stories I shall make a page dedicated to my special Rafiki and the adventures we have made together <3 

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Rafiki was on Abassa, Tortuga by all of Pearson lady friends and sang "Lovely Ladies" from Les Miserables, for those who don't know it I shall quote the part I sang below!!

"Lovely Ladies waiting for a bite! Waiting for the customers who only come at night, Lovely ladies ready for the call! Standing up, laying down or anyway at all! Bargain prices up against the wall!"

Les Miserables "Lovely Ladies" Lyrics Video

Les Miserables "Lovely Ladies" Lyrics Video

The song


Her idol! Rafiki himself!

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Magical Chicken

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The Best of Rafiki- The Lion King

The Best of Rafiki- The Lion King

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