Dare to be a True Scoundrel of the Seas!June 28, 2011Despite all odds recently, Pirates are enjoying many victories – discovering Blackbeard’s Sword of Triton, rescuing the Marceline GMs out from under the Navy’s nose, even successfully challenging the deadly Queen Anne’s Revenge herself.

A golden time for Pirates indeed… but alas, our enemies have had enough and they mean to make a Pirate’s life on the high seas a most risky business. Up for the challenge?

Set sail and your seafaring Pirate activities will now get you noticed by enemy ships. Aggravate the Navy, EITC or Ghost ships and find yourself surrounded by swift enemy reinforcements.

Prove yourself a real threat at sea and fearsome Pirate Bounty Hunters will next be dispatched to hunt you down!

For the most daring Pirates, keep your cannons firing and soon islands fearful of your reputation will even close their ports to your anchor.


The risk is great and the challenge steep, but a Pirate’s bounty at sea beckons as you battle and evade your way to legendary “Scoundrel of Seas” status!

Scoundrel Levels

Level 1 - Nautical Bane Enemy ships take note of your seafaring activities.

Level 2 - Maritime Menace Prove yourself a threat at sea and expect backup muscle from the enemy.

Level 3 – Pirate at Large Bounty Hunter ships actively hunt and hound your notorious ship.

Level 4 – Rogue on the Run Fearful islands close their ports to you and the chase is on!

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