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This is a review to see if the User "Jzfredskins" really needs bur powers.


He claims he cant edit that often due to "schooling" , but he is active on the "Pirates Online Wiki" he usually makes 1 edit a day here( see edits section for details).I dont think he has the "welfare" of the wiki at heart any more.He may be seeking adminship on the "Pirates Online Wiki" which he is already a rollback of.


Now his edits are either to aid the "Pirates Online Wiki" or sabotage links to a forum where the members have their own section(discussion happened between the users and forum staff).Or he is either complaining about something that happened.He is too inactive to know whats going on.


His Previous Review

Well he deleted it

Admin Powers

Since he is so inactive but active on another wiki, I suggest he should not be a bureaucrat.He has not been performing the role of moving Userboxes from the test page to the official page, same with the page banners.

His Respect for this Wiki

Lately he has had no respect for this wiki. I believe he is trying to get admin rights on the "Pirates Online Wiki"


He openly attacked Benny Mac after Ben Stated his Opinion

  1. User talk:Benjamin Macmorgan
  2. User talk:Jzfredskins

My Views

Jz has changed a lot recently he is no longer the fun guy from the start of the Summer, he I feel has become too serious and inactive.

During this Process

During this vote jz has become more active but mainly editing on this blog, if this vote is not passed I hope it serves as a wake up call to him.

The Vote

There will be a community vote for a user right change to admin



'Per Request -List of Pro's

  1. Re vamped the userbox page
  2. Usually doesnt block without warning
  3. Is fairly ok at wiki mark up

However he can still do these things as an admin


Badjz2-JZ voted for his own promotion and has had a sock all this time

The Voting

The vote will end when 1 side gets 20 votes or after 1 week ,the highest side will "win".This is a vote for a demotion of Jzfredskins to Admin due to the reasons above.Jz may not block during this time


  1. Tama63
  2. Cad bane
  3. LeClerc Sharpe
  4. Benjamin Macmorgan
  5. John Breasly
  6. Trickster22
  7. -Davy Badbones-
  8. Prince Leon of England
  9. Jason Yelloweagle
  10. Bill2222
  11. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  12. Shade Link


  1. Stpehen
  2. Katbluedog
  3. Shadow
  4. Captain Crimson
  5. Jarod29
  6. CaptainEzekiel
  7. Captaingoldvane2

Neutral-Does not count as a vote but for users who dont want to vote

  1. Marc Cannonshot
  2. Jim Logan
  3. Keira Kinover
  4. JackyWolf

Wikia have been asked to remove his powers he will stay an admin though --Tama63 @admins sig-sign 17:18, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

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