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Game cardHalloween

Ahoy <insert name here> !

This Halloween can be a hard time for a pirate, especially when Jolly Roger's Forces are at their highest.Thats why we are giving away a free game card for 1 months unlimited access to keep you going through this spooky holiday

The Rules

JollyROger giveaway
  1. You will need a Wiki account or create one for the competition
  2. Only 1 Entry per User(no socks)
  3. No Smearing other Wikis in your entry
  4. No bad mouthing the wiki in your entry
  5. Any unsuitable entries will be removed without warning
  6. The Winner is Final as chosen by The Judges (Kat,Gold and Tama)

How to enter?

Just comment below telling us why you love the POTCO Players Wiki.We will then choose who we think has summarized the best bits about this Wiki.Worthy winners and will be emailed the game card code by Special:EmailUser or by PM-Message on Chat.NOTE:For Security Reasons we will not be passing on the code on game!

Benefits of the Prize

Giveaway member features

The Winner

Winner f the Giveaway Halloween Fake

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