The Celestrian Hero21

aka Grant

  • I live in Minnesota, USA
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is bein a boss
  • I am a Boy
  • The Celestrian Hero21

    aaaaannnnndddd question time! what epic osngs have you heard?, ill show you a few i like

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  • The Celestrian Hero21

    first off for whoever doesnt know, im am piratedude4, i just changed my username. im telling you this because im asking for reinstituition back into the EITC, personally i dont know who this concerns, because with the all changes in the ranking in british buisness, i do not know who is in charge. so, to whoever this concerns, please leave me a message whether or not it is acceptable for me to rejoin

    please note: it is not nesscessary, but i would prefer something equal to my old rank of gm of a EITC spec. ops guild.

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  • The Celestrian Hero21

    two things

    January 12, 2012 by The Celestrian Hero21

    alright y'all first i want to say this, at my school, in band we have something called a cluster concert, it's where my middle school and our sister school aka the high school champlain park high, get together our bands and all meet in the high school gym, and all the bands play various songs, and we are videotaped and broadcasted and tv based on the theme, this year, our theme is the big screen in other words, movies. so our songs this year for the theme are

    1. the muppet show theme (they made a movie about 'em recently)

    and get ready for this...

    2. the pirates of the caribbean theme! - for the release of on stranger tides

    ok thing number 2 im looking for communist russia puns, like this one

    in america you break the law, but in communist russ…

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  • The Celestrian Hero21

    ok i looked around for a while because i was curious about what anti eitc speaker n.r.'s real name could be, eventually, i found somthing that hit me as a connection on the 39 clues wiki alright here it is: my guess at N.R's real name is... Nataliya Ruslanova Radova

    you see? the intials match up (almost) apparently, she was against her faction thingy and spoke against it (if i got this right) and shekept her identity a secret, just like our anti eitc speaker here U hear that Nataliya? im tryin to figger u out!

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  • The Celestrian Hero21

    alright 'all i have a feeling people like jimmy logan might be happy to know this, the new star wars game star wars: the old republic launched today! i am very excited about its launch and i'm creating an account and am downloading it as we speak, people who like sw mmorpgs, play this!

    heres the link to the site:

    merry christmas my friends!

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