Ok, first off this can't go on SSC because he and his crappy cronies will opppose it, and as Admiral General Rollbacker, I pronounce this a valid request even if it isn't in my power ( you think I'm kidding, well hell no. This is serious!). This wiki needs <insert name here> as President of the wiki. Goldilocks left us with this scumbag! 

I request Jack's demotion on the following counts

  • Abuses powers on and off computer ( he messes with traffic lights )
  • Power hungry 
  • Really biased against users
  • Is really mean
  • Lameduck. He thinks he can do whatever he wants
  • Fool. Hes a fool. He lets some North Korea asspanda come in chat spamming
  • Obnoxious.
  • Owl, yup he stays up all night looking at recent changes. Isn't that freaky?
  • LAME 
  • Super not cool 

On these counts, I request that our president is demoted. 

Whichever side reaches 20 wins, or the majority till Friday. This is serious. We need a good president, not one that abuses her own users.

Also, I request we hang Jack even if this isn't passed. SO WHO THE HELL IS WITH ME? 

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