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Welcome to yet another community vote! With the untimely disappearance of G-man, the time has come for the wiki to decide whether it will bravely do something or bravely do nothing. With the spiritual support of the community, the proposal to promote Mall to Bur in G's absence passed with flying colors; now the greater community can not only pledge their spiritual support, but their secular support!

From the SSC:

"This has been a turbulent week. With the unfortuante development that several of the president's accounts have been compromised and the apparent news that he will still be sparsely active for possibly the new few weeks, I believe it's paramount we promote at least one Bur in his stead. As such, there's no better and more obvious choice than current interim president Lord Andrew Mallace."

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Support Support -

  1. WaglingtonŒ
  2. Captain Ned Edgewalker
  3. Squirto19
  4. HurrcheeseDa2nd
  5. Nults McKagan
  6. TheNextMaster
  7. Haras

Neutral Neutral -

Oppose Oppose -

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