• Warhawk1

    Well, this blog is alot like the "Who would you have on your undead apocalypse survival team?" only this is related to POTCO. So the question is, who would you have on your dream team for a specific Undead Invasion on say, Port Royal?

    The Rules Are:

    1. You CAN NOT use Jack Sparrow/Will Turner/Davy Jones and or any famous POTC film characters
    2. Your team is limited to 5 people, not including yourself
    3. You must have 4 POTCO players and or characters on your team, as well as 1 person not from POTCO
    4. Once someone uses that certain non-POTCO person for their team, nobody else can use them (for example, if someone uses Batman, nobody else can use Batman for their team)
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  • Warhawk1

    Hello all, Wahawk1 here with exciting news. I am making a POTCO version of the Avengers film, released just yesterday, and I would like to find a cast for all the superheroes in the film. If you would like to join please leave your name in the comments. Also we will not start filming until late May/early June. And this movie idea is mine only, so nobody else can try and make an Avengers movie on POTCO.

    Here is the cast so far

    1. Iron Man- open
    2. Captain America- open
    3. Nick Fury- open
    4. Thor- open
    5. Hawkeye- open
    6. Black Widow- open
    7. Hulk- James Warhawk/ Warhawk1
    8. Agent Coulson- open
    9. Loki- open
    10. other roles soon to be added
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  • Warhawk1

    Guess whose back!

    March 17, 2012 by Warhawk1

    Hello to all, its been quite awhile since ive last set sight on the wiki. If you don't know me, I joined the wiki back during the following months of it's creation. And hello to all fellow wiki members if you do remember me too. Now that I'm back, I have made a new account and a new pirate, but I still go on as James Warhawk once in awhile. If you wouldn't mind, could someone fill me in on what has changed since I left? Where did John Breasly go?

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  • Warhawk1


    Note: This blog is a parody of all the people freaking out over this kid's abscence, although this blog may or may not serve as a disscusion page for the pointless question.

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  • Warhawk1

    Welcome Billy!

    June 28, 2011 by Warhawk1

    Yo my leader and brother for life, Billy Snoopensnob is joining the wiki! I just want to welcome him when he arrives!

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