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Your ipod

It's coming back.--Shade@admins sig-sign 19:10, July 6, 2011 (UTC)


Hello, Capt. Skull X,

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Futuristic Content Idea

New idea for futuristic content here


King George II of England 14:56, July 7, 2011 (UTC)


Yes he can monitor the page. No admin powers but yes he can do that. --KatBlueDogHiya! 15:37, July 7, 2011 (UTC)


What would u like ur ship/raft to be called in the play?


Jack Pistol of

Come online

Come online.--Shade@admins sig-sign 21:08, July 8, 2011 (UTC)


Hey there, Skull, long time no speak!

Was just wondering, do you still go on the United Alliance Wiki?


Kitty Kit Kat


Grats on your ban! Now you know how I feel xD Cher Bear =D 21:53, July 11, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Skull,

Would u like to be an actor for PWNAGE Productions Co.? That is considering Edgar and I go through with it becoming a studio but so far we are one :P


Jack Pistol of

re: Good idea

thats a great idea! edgar and i also have a pretty good play and since plays r like movie scripts we will do great with writing, our whole bunch :D yay us xD just tell me exactly who wants to join and we can add it and we can start working on movies idk when :P and i think we can all be writers and actors cuz of the shortage, law wants to do his own thing with DI so unless we can have him do part-time work we will have to find another director


Jack Pistol of

rofl i love comedy and i really enjoy you and shades sense of humor :D we r gonna own the comedy genre and maybe the rest too :P, if u wanna talk more get on chat, talk messages take too much time lol


Jack Pistol of


Well, sure, but is it like a guild or something? And what would I be required to do?

Capt.GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 23:50, July 11, 2011 (UTC)


Well, when it comes to fan publishing, TGT is published by my Guild, but other than that I will join your thing.

Capt.GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 00:05, July 12, 2011 (UTC)


too much fun xD now i really am gonna have to go on strike! :P I've gotten banned like 4 times so dont sweat it you'll be fine

Cher Bear =D 00:24, July 12, 2011 (UTC)


Get online. I have I surprise for you...... Eh, I just tell you. I JOINED SKULL'S MARINES!!!! :D - William Yellowbones.


Basicaly, tomorrow. :D I am online most everyday. Oh, you make me new sig? I was like a green and yellow letters with a toxic waste sign. :D (seriously) :P - William Yellowbones


Hola! Curycoo and I created, well, I created, he followed. :D I created something called the banwand. For like, the chat or Wikia. Cur and I keep using it. I made it cause of this Happry Potter stuff and I thought it'd be cute. :D Anyways, before the user gets banned, you say, "- points banwand at >_____< -" Then, you say, "AVADA KADAVERA!!!!" then ban the user. Cur loves it. :D Except, I have the Elderbanwand. :D - William Yellowbones.


We sort of took it off of the Banhammer. :D Night! - William Yellowbones.

- deleted -

Cher Bear =D 01:12, July 14, 2011 (UTC)


Capt. Skull X is Under Construction!

This article or section is currently being edited by Your Username!

Please do not edit Capt. Skull X unless it is a spelling or grammar issue

is an page banner, and its on the userbox page i suggest that you put it on the page banner page!

Coin flipSharpeCoin flipArr Emote

geeeeeeeeeet ooooooooon

mesa gotta go in 15mins, if you want it get it now xD

Cher Bear =D 02:03, July 14, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Skull, check out my book. You're in it :D
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, of the Gen. Of Peace and founder of Daggerpaine Industries.

Watch out

Parax. Yo momma's so fat, when you sat on her lap, you got lost in Bellyflap Land!
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Whatever you do Skull, don't come on the game. People are being removed from the guild for no reason. Very few, including me, were lucky to not have been removed. Just don't go online until the glitch is fixed, the last thing we want is losing our GM.

Parax. Look up high! In the sky! It's a guy! He can fly-*splat*
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
The glitch fixed itself. BTW, want a text bubble like this? :P

Parax. There once was a man named Guy, he joined the FBI. He tripped over a taser, shot himself with a laser, and now he is going to die.
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
What do you want it to look like? Here is what I need:
  1. Color for the top half of your Word Bubble
  2. Color for the bottom half
  3. Color of the line separating the halves.
  4. The picture you want to use for it.
  5. What you want the Top half to ALWAYS say (Even use our motto from the Marines and some links to the pages you made)
  6. The color you want for the font on the top half
  7. The color you want for the font on the bottom half (the bottom half is where you talk)

I'll tell you how to use it after it's made.

Parax. Cya later! Go away! Come again another day! I am happy, and mostly sad, but I will gore you if you make me MAD!
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Made the bubble. Template:Skulltula. If you want any changes, just ask.


Can I at least know what I did...?

Cher Bear =D 00:12, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

Please look at this Advert I made-- Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 06:50, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

pictures xD

Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 11.17.19 AMScreen shot 2011-07-17 at 2.10.59 PMScreen shot 2011-07-17 at 2.10.17 PM

Though you'd like these pictures! xD

Aplentia 21:13, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

p.s LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Shuns Tia- Hey, I was there when he said that o.o
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, of the Gen. Of Peace and founder of Daggerpaine Industries.



Cher Bear =D 17:16, July 18, 2011 (UTC)


Hey skull can you rollback the name change on my user page, i accidently changed the name and it wont let me change the name back, it says to contact a wiki admin. \

This is Roger

The Marines

Skull, I don't know what to do. I don't know whether to stay in the Marines, or leave. I've put up with a lot, but I'm getting tired. Dragon has become very irritating. He takes EVERYTHING as an insult, goes, "Can't wait to tell Skull what you said" when we say ANYTHING that he takes as an insult, threatens to report Cherie and Roger for JOKING, gets mad even when we say LITERALLY NOTHING, and many more problems. He is just irritating, and is like a mosquito or a Deer Fly; both insects slowly irritate you, and what they do is very minor, but they do it SO MUCH that you are going insane. The same problem goes for Dragon. Cherie, Roger, and many others, including me are all tired of it, and we have sometimes considered leaving because Dragon is so annoying. I know he's been your friend for years, but honestly, he's changed. He is rude, and even said he wants to punch you today. I asked him further on why he's mad at you, and he refused to mention anything else. He isn't the same as you think he is, and I'm being honest here; if the issue doesn't resolve, I'm leaving the Marines. The relationship between me and Dragon is like Ted and Kelso from the show Scrubs. I represent Ted, Dragon represents Kelso. Ted has a murderous hatred towards Kelso, though my thoughts of Dragon aren't that major. But I'm honest, he's annoyed me, Roger, Cherie, and Tia, and I'm sick of it. He slowly picks at us, then goes whining to you when we finally explode on him.--Shade@admins sig-sign 23:36, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

from Salt:

i find this very funny hehehe i know daniel is very annoying...but u know i love to annoy him hahaha i cant wait to see him online...hehehe..but i already told him in facebook that i was on at the game..

Ban Request calling ned a "fag" and trash talking

~LeClerc Sharpe~


I have no idea what you're up to xD but since you seem to still be there can you come with me and help Fireboy with black pearl? it wont take too long and it would be a shame to lose him from guild or lose his support cause of something stupid -_-

Cher Bear =D 00:26, July 27, 2011 (UTC)


you owe me




eat my dust :)

Cher Bear =D 19:42, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

use the clues


its embarrassingly obvious...

The guild hasnt been updated, so it still thinks WE'RE in that guild, and the 4 people who DEFEATED enemies yesterday in our guild werent updated either. Plus, the math adds up perfectly, and if you look all 4 of us are supposedly still IN THAT GUILD.

Bottom line.. I'm right. I'll get sacred for myself though, tyvm

Cher Bear =D 20:00, July 30, 2011 (UTC)


Epic--Shade@admins sig-sign 02:10, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Check this out

User blog:John Breasly/Community Vote: Floating "Admin on Duty" Idea

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW @admins sig-sign

TMOTSD Music Video

Hey Skullio

Anyhows, I'm making a music video of the play that you are in, 'The Mystery of the Stolen Design' (with permission from the authors, of course) and I need a photo of your pirate, close up, to be featured in it. Of course, if you don't want to be in the vid, that's totally cool. Just get back to me as soon as you can =D


Kitty Kit Kat


ur Quick Navigation sends to an error page xD

~LeClerc Sharpe~

joking >.>

5 Ways to Get a Girl

5 Ways to Get a Girl

epic win!


Hi capt skull

Hi capt, its me Davy Badbones, i wanted you to know that im leaving the game, and prob wont come back on anymore. Thinks have come up that life is getting too busy for me! anyways thanks for all the fun that we've had in the game. If you want to check on my guild Assassin's clan, you more then welcome to.

Thanks for the good times,

Davy Badbones

important check it out im to lazy to put it into a link form just check it out support it or oppose it.

~LeClerc Sharpe~

Bad news ._.

Apparently mom decided to make the beach trip till sunday evening, and on monday I'm flying up to spend a week with my sis... You do the math.. I just got punk'd >.<

so i pranked you ;D

hope ya like (=


shouldn'ta been there..

P.S. no horses while I'm gone, kay? Love ya <3

Cher Bear =D 14:32, August 5, 2011 (UTC)


Please get on ASAP to play Stormwalker.

Here is the script: The Goldvane Trilogy: The Movie - Script

Capt.GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 17:08, August 6, 2011 (UTC)


Hey can we talk on the chat, I need to ask u something.

The Best in the World

Davy Badbones

hey skull, its Davy Baadbones, i think its great that we are allies and all but seriously, do something about Leon... yes i kicked him out of my guild, but that was only because he was calling my guildmates names and starting fights. He wanted to talk to me today, and when he started... he started yelling at me. like seriously..... I dont like him one bit, he even sent a spy into our guild! like who does that! Dont trust Leon, because in time, he will cross you. Who do you trust more, Me, or the used to be eitc lord, backstabing, rude player?

Shockwaves O.O

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 10.29.22 AM

They constantly spread out...--Shade@admins sig-sign 14:31, August 12, 2011 (UTC)



'Ello There!

My name is Captain Shadow Sail, owner and founder of the new World Wide Trading Empire! What is it? You may ask. Well, the WWTE is an organization that helps countries World Wide. In this group, there are no enemies, only allies. No fights, just agreements. We help one another, and we make sure one another's country will prosper.

I am here to offer you a position at the WWTE. Here are some things you can be:

  • If you are King / Queen of a country, you can add your country to the list of countries that are involved with the Trading Empire.
  • Aren't a King or Queen? No problem! We also offer ranks to help control trade. See the page for a list of available jobs.
  • Like the sea? You can add your ship as one of the trade ships! Please provide a picture and description.

Please consider this offer!

ShadowSignature 15:15, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

Get online.


This will be playing in your mind when you get married in real life, as it does with other grooms.--Shade@admins sig-sign 14:36, August 13, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Skull

Look at Advanced Ship of the Line because you own 1 of the very few. Could you please name your ship, write a background/history and short description for it under the ASOTLs section (please remember to stick to the history of The Mystery of The Stolen Design for your ship's history and not to be an overkill) and can you get a picture if possible?



Jack Pistol of

3 things

Hey Skull

  1. For us status indicator u need to add holdiay before unknown now because otherwise it wont work
  2. Advanced Ship of the Line - you own 1 so name it and feel free to add a description and picture if you like (be sure to read whole page first because some people dont seem to understand the page's purpose and say stuff that is irrelevant to the play and page)
  3. The PWNAGE Dictionary - add to it if u like, i havent done much so cz ive been too busy so ill probably only add some stuff on thursday when im back


Jack Pistol of

please visit News Letter: August

.Benjamin Macmorgan Contribs.


and now you know why i dont like this guy...

By the way, both of these were without provocation.

Cher Bear =D 22:53, August 15, 2011 (UTC)


Is it true you let Dragon back into the guild?--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:11, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

Never mind the question above. Thanks to some sources, I now know you let him back in even after what he had done to people and your own fiance. You can consider this my POSSIBLE (note, possible, but not definite)resignation, because I can't stand being in the same atmosphere as that guy. You let him in just because he was a friend. Remember your old quote? "Think with logic, not your feelings."--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:38, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

Not to stop the serious fest, but I remember a similar quote, but not from Skull. "Think with your head, not with...." xD

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW @admins sig-sign

About to burst..

Im literally about to burst out in arnger at certain people 0_o

.Benjamin Macmorgan Contribs.


Scary and epic.--Shade@admins sig-sign 02:28, August 17, 2011 (UTC)


Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 2.47.23 PM

If you can, could you alter this to make the guy I'm dueling to have Light blue skin?

--Shade@admins sig-sign 19:01, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

November 9, Unbeatable.

November 9 Is My Birthday Too O_O. Sincerely - Crimson Knight Zoomer - Black Ballade. Happy Fighting!!!! 22:02, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

Geet on, Cheriesaur awaits you.--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:51, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Hey :D

I just wanted to meet you and maybe have a round of PvP or so :D I don't care if I lose xD ik our guilds our allies u met Captain Roger we're both GM neither is co. GM he did create guild and I made the name xD how about tomorrow 10:00 A.M. P.S.T -Jarod

epic fails


Cher Bear =D 05:30, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Skull you goon

dont go already D:

Cher Bear =D 04:19, August 21, 2011 (UTC)


How do you want your character portrayed in the Lost Relic 2?

.Benjamin | Macmorgan |Contribs.

just watch!


Cher Bear =D 20:08, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Hola Cráneo. ¿Cómo estás? Mi nombre es Edgar rata silvestre. ¿Puedes por favor ...

(or) Hi Skull. How are you? My name is Edgar Wild rat can you please...

Sign The Petition For The Old Body Types Here!

Skull, Matthewand I always "damn each other" it's a joke between us.

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW @admins sig-sign

I don't consider it a swear word though, my parents and I use it at each other.

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW @admins sig-sign

Hunger games first look

Hey skull, long time no see!

I was looking through the internet one day and came across the first official hunger games movie teaser trailer!!

Heres the link

if that doesnt work just go to and its the first one!

Miss you all!

Say hi to all the marines and best wishes,

Aplentia 17:04, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

Unless your busy

I wanna pvp you :D

~Edgar Wildrat

Please PvP

I am worthy:



Edgar Wildrat

Might Wanna come on Chat, John is getting amd bc of his "Unfiar Demotion" and him and LeClerc are kinda Arguing. i tried to stop it and john said, "Josh, i will not Stop, when i get unfairly DEMOTED i cause drama to undo the wrong" so plz get on ASAP - King Joshua Pond  00:53, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

there is no need to get on chat the drama has ended LeClerc Sharpe&#039;s Auto siggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i read your admin thing, and it ended with "Happy Editing" Thats ironic, because you dont make editing happy anonamys user (i dont care how its spelled)

Jack, don't start. We know it's you, and I am under the impression you're about to cause more drama. Word of advice, don't.--Shade@admins sig-sign 16:40, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Hi Skull, this is an anonymous message. look what I found:





No ideas as of yet. I'll be remaining in this game for a little bit though. When Ship customization comes out I want my ship to look more interesting, then I would probably leave when I go basic, at least until the game gets more interesting.--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:12, September 7, 2011 (UTC)


I played it before. It's awesome, but it's getting shut down December 15th, because they want to force people to play TOR.--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:34, September 7, 2011 (UTC)

The company confirmed it. There's a huge petition right now, and lots of people signed, but the company won't listen.--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:36, September 7, 2011 (UTC)


Skull, I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you for having a Terminator pic like me xD

John Breasly, Former Admin

Epic music



And this

All remixes of the same song, but they're all awesome.--Shade@admins sig-sign 14:42, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

Freedom of Speech

Hey Skull, I just wanna exlain Freedom of Speech to you. Everybody on this wiki has the freedom of speech, but with it, you have to take responsobility for what you post. The wiki's rules concerning rights and freedoms expressed in the Constitution are sort of guidelines. They are expressing that you can say this or that, but you have to take responsobility for what you say. Welcome back by the way, hope this clears it all up. --Cooltext560475418 21:36, September 24, 2011 (UTC)



Epic New Idea :D

To Skull, Edgar and Hermit:

Hope you see this soon....

I have been thinking about what we should rename PWNAGE Productions Co. to and I came up with an idea that we sort of have in a fan story already... La Mafia Productions ( or something similar ).

We could make a whole Mafia type company and group that goes beyond just our puplishing company. We can make lotsa cool fan stories, groups and companies like this :D

And since you, me, Edgar and Hermit are in charge of PWNAGE at teh moment we could also be in charge of this whole mafia we are making and we can all be dons or "godfathers"

  • The Godhermit
  • The Godskull
  • The Godpistol
  • The Godrat/wildrat/prince

It would be epic :D as soon as you guys see this please contact me and we should try and talk about this on chat or on the game or on the play chatango....

And with this we could take over MUAHAHA xD

La Mafia

Hey Skull,

Edgar, Hermit and I spoke about my above idea and we have decided to go with it, we asked for PWNAGE's deletion but Law bought it for DI. Anyway we have made our new publishing company page La Mafia Productions and it is looking epic.

We will be making the main page for La Mafia today as well as some other branches of the idea!

We also now have cool logos and userboxes :P

Inactive Sysop ( nudge nudge )

Hey Skully, I just wanted to "nudge" you about this. ^_^

{{SUBST:User:Benjamin Macmorgan/sig}}

Hey man

About your God's page, i didnt mean to offend you, I was just Support Support - ing the page, I didnt mean to show like a smart aleck.

The Voice of the Voiceless


Hey Skull, its Jack. I know we have had a rocky releationship, but when i first started,i think we were kinda-sorta- not that much-friends, then it went down-hill with the whole titan marines guild thing. Btw that guild is history, never seen again. i started a new one called Jack's Wolfpack. So the point of this message is to call a two-way truce. #1: I wrote a play, and i put Skull X as a character, and i was wondering if you mabye would do it, and if its a no, ill understand perfectly and cut the part. #2: I was kinda hopeing that you would be sorta-kinda be allies with my new guild. If its a no than its ok. I was looking at the bretheran of buccaneers page, and a few of the comments was you saying you would help the guild. Before our fight. So, truce? plz read and reply. Thx.JackyWolf 01:15, October 30, 2011 (UTC)


I'm sorry Skull, but we took it offensive that people said their all better than us.

It's not because I am a main character, it's because I worked hard. I spent many hours of my life on making that piece of work. Skull, you need to get over this.

Tama deleted the page. I had nothing to do with the deletion. I just wanted the part saying theirs was so much better removed. It offended many users of this Wiki, and it caused arguments also.

I was rather angry at it also. Do you have any idea how much trouble they caused or movie?

I didn't mean to make you so mad, Skull. It wasn't "biased" as you call it.

Capt.GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 00:06, October 31, 2011 (UTC)

Ban + Notice

I am issuing you a warning for in-activeness


  • An admin is inactive when they do not make a non-minor (examples of minor edits: fixing spelling, participating in discussions unrelated to Pirates Online or The POTCO Players Wiki , editing their userpage) or administrative-related (administrative tasks, not necessarily tasks only admins can do) contribution within three (3) months."-from the inactive sysop policy

Please return to active duty or your powers may be removed make some Edits in Good Faith to pages instead of just commenting

additionally I am banning you for 1 week for "arguing on an admins talk,basically crying over spilt milk and being aggressive to others" the ban will be 1 week since you are an admin and need to set an example as the admin of "Community Relations"--Tama63@admins sig-sign 10:19, October 31, 2011 (UTC)


I know your probably not coming back to the wiki, but if you do, u might wanna edit your userpage so it doesnt say your an admin, cause your not.JackyWolf 01:29, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Welcome Back

Welcome back Skull.

The Voice of the Voiceless


Hiya skull, PLZ READ THIS (not the commnet but the blog. I would be happy if you would be the main character in my first fan movie thx. 01:25, November 14, 2011 (UTC)


Parax. I am a banana!
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Yep, it's happening, Skull. I'm resigning from the Marines. Want to know why? Because we're allies with Pears, and I'm sick of his attitude. I'm tired of him bringing up old issues, insulting me, and blaming me for his problems. So… either until that delusional 10 year-old finds a new hobby other than troll other people, or we withdraw from service towards him, I am officially no longer a Marine. I wish you good luck with him.

P.S. You've seen how I've had an undying loyalty to the guild. So, when you see that Pears is driving someone like ME out, there IS something wrong.

-sigh- I know I didn't leave yet, but I really am going to leave if that 10 year-old brat doesn't learn his manners. I'm tired of Pears ranting about "carrying out God's will" by taking over Computer-generated avatars and harassing people on the internet. So, as the Marines works for him, and he clearly continues to harass me and carry out his grudge towards me over something that happened months ago, I will be leaving the Marines soon; the longest I'm waiting is until the 9th. If he hasn't changed, I'm out. If you have the chance, come on the game.--Shade@admins sig-sign 01:12, December 2, 2011 (UTC)


3 days before my departure. Anyways, a few members and I were curious if your account was possibly stolen (reasons classified xD)--Shade@admins sig-sign 21:53, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

Parax. Look up high! In the sky! It's a guy! He can fly-*splat*
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Very well. As for the question, a member and I were curious.


That was epic. He says he'll stay here until we're kicked, and we suddenly dc XD.--Shade@admins sig-sign 21:22, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

I can't log on tonight, but can you get on tomorrow, at like five or six PM?

--John Breasly, Former Admin

600px-Warning signh blue setting white.svg

Ahoy Capt. Skull, I have left the wiki and will not respond to any messages. I am informing you because you said you have been inactive for a while. As far as leadership goes, sometimes "The People" are wrong and a great leader does what is best for the Wiki. Yes the Administration here isn't perfect, but no one is perfect. I think they do an excellent job, and you should respect them. They don't have to maintain this place, but they take the time out of their busy schedules to help out.-- Jzfredskins Talk
600px-Warning signh blue setting white.svg


I have an idea for the emblem contest :O--Parax@admins sig-sign 21:20, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Greetings from Dragon Gardener

Greetings. I am James Bladehound, Guildmaster of Dragon Gardener . We also have an entire wiki about our guild here , on which I'm an admin. We have over 250 members and are considering new guild alliances at the moment. we are currently allied with Infamous Ink. Please respond on my talk page so that we may consider an alliance with your guild.


James Bladehound, Guildmaster of Dragon GardenerTalk


Hello Skull. I heard that the Marines are getting back together, and I'd love to see the old guild again!

Would you like to meet me on my low level pirate in Andaba, Tortuga? Reply soon and I will see you there, hopefully.

See you soon - Kitty

hey josh!!!

how have u been doing????? i played the game again..did u guys ever came online there>???i missed u guys...

by the way this is salt hehehe,,,hope to see u soon at the game...and also advaned happy birthday

ITS Skulltula :O


I missed you by a few seconds D:

Where you been man?

Hows life? xD

EmpReflecTalkReflecBlogsReflecCountryReflec 00:35, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

Thats a big plate then ._.

Well good luck on Track! And Certified Life Guard? Congrats Man! I wish I was certified something.... course I am not as old as you so........... (15 in February... Oh god now I am feeling old... I see what my Twin means)/

Anyways Ive been ok. Finally got ROmania up and running with one of the most finest Prime Ministers around, Basil Brawlmonk. And at the same time it is sad that I am beating the crap outta France since they are a World Power, not Romania xD.

I can see your point with not playing POTCO anymore as you are a master :P However Id pay for it since Im not xD

I suppose that means no more Marines then?

Reply Back or die,

EmpReflecTalkReflecBlogsReflecCountryReflec 00:57, November 26, 2012 (UTC)


Parax. Look up high! In the sky! It's a guy! He can fly-*splat*
ParaxHermit, Ecsyth, my epic Story Quest, and My epic Island

TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Only one I know who still comes onto the wiki is Cherie, but she comes on less frequently.

Parax. Citizen: I hired, like, 20 gypsies to fix that damn volcano up, and you just go and blow it up?!

Parax: Yep.
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TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)

Things have been going pretty well lately. Recently saw Skyfall and went to a family dinner yesterday.


Rofl hey man, I feel you as far as the busy-ness goes... My new high school only lets you take one AP sophomore year (bummer), but the one I've got right now is more of a handful than all my other classes combined >.> But hey, the teacher is hot... as in ex-abercrombie model hot... so he's easy to pay attention to xD Lots of stuff has been going on with la familia and me and mah gang of peeps.. I figured out that being popular isn't really as bad as people say it is, and it kinda rocks when you've got people to talk to when you need 'em. I'm about buried alive in homework so I didn't notice you left a message a couple weeks ago, sorry. That's about all that's happened, in a nutshell :P Hope you've been doing alright, no crazy drama or anything like what's going on with one of my girl friends... Yeah, it's late, and I'm not coherent, so I'm gonna shut up now cause I think I got the point across. Hey. xD

Cher Bear =D (talk) 05:59, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hopefully You Read This

Hey Josh, I missed you so much. I just wanted to let you know there's this FB game called Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War that you might like. This is actually a pretty addicting game to play especially since PotCO is gone. Since you don't have time to do much gaming anymore, at least give this one a try. You don't have to constantly be on it and you can work your way up little by little. If you want you can friend me on FB too. I know you might not want to reveal yourself to me and that's fine. Maybe create a fake account and friend me on that one. Either way it will give us a chance to talk again. Remember, I'm Drago Slash-x. Talk to you later!

P.S. You can also make an alliance (guild) on this game. Maybe name it Skull's Marines like on POTCO. :)

Dragon Slash X (talk) 05:17, April 17, 2014 (UTC)

eyyy brah

Parax. Look at that! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Captain Underpants! Wait, this isn't a book, it is a place for books and movies, etc., but the whole thing is not a book, right? but then again, we do read here... Ugh, I confused myself!
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TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
So idk when you'll see this, but I managed to get in touch with our old friend, Sam Revenge. He's really been looking forward to seeing you whenever you can. Contact meh for moar detailz

Parax. There once was a man named Lou Reese. He wanted to join the Police. He was attacked by a "whipper", fell into a wood chipper, and now he is Parmesan CHEESE!
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TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Yeah mon, I first heard about it around February, I think.

Parax. There once was a man named Guy, he joined the FBI. He tripped over a taser, shot himself with a laser, and now he is going to die.
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TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
He goes on here pretty often.

Parax. Who am I? The question is who are you? I am Shadow Demon Shade Link, and I demand ID, or I will have to gut you.
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TALK – Thursday, August 13 2020 (Eastern Standard Time)
Kk, going to read it right now. As for roleplay, idk, a lot of people quit it after the game died.

Skull, I do miss you at times and I do think about you sometimes. We've had so much fun together, and yet we haven't spoke to each other in a very long time. I have no idea if I can see those days ever again, and maybe I should move on. I did try to keep contact with you on Neopets, but that didn't work out too well because you rarely log in. It seems like you are uncomfortable using Facebook, so the only thing I can do now is leave an email address I don't care much for but I will be notified when an email is sent to me. I do hear you are a busy one however, so I don't know what the best thing to do would be. By now, you could be 18 years old or at least, almost. You could be just about to start a life of your own pretty soon and I'd hate to interfere with that to be honest. So if my last attempt of keeping contact with you fails, I will say this: I will miss you. Thank you for introducing me to PotCO, and giving me a chance to meet new friends. Without you, I would not be a happier person today. And don't worry about me, because my life is turning out great. I may have been the most annoying person you have ever met when we were still playing Nicktropolis, but you still hung on and didn't quite give up on me. That I can appreciate. I just turned 16 on February, so I bet I'll be starting to work soon. I wish you a "late" Happy New Year, and hope you had a good one so far. Take care, and be the person you want to be. Farewinds! :)

P.S. I'm not sure if you still talk to spyjosh97, but if you do, copy and paste this message to him. Thanks. And just in case, my (not personal) email is "spykid9799@yah00.c0m".

Dragon Slash X (talk) 08:38, March 3, 2015 (UTC)

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