Hey Jack!

Ready for Cannon Defense today? If you're still up for it, I will be on around 3:30 Eastern. We still need 2 more people.... maybe that guy from Pirates Online Wiki?

Hope to see ya there!

ShadowSignature 11:48, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

I'm on... ready to play :D.

ShadowSignature 20:16, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

Position on the Finance Board:

You are now Lord High Commisioner, otherwise known as the Second Lord of the Treasury. You are in charge of deducting people's pay do to any misdemeanors, and control the ammount of Tax. (Right below me :P)

All the best, now and forever, MallaceSig3

Its that time of year again! XD

First off, see my ^above message about yer promotion, and second off.. I need one more sig xD. Same font. yatta yatta.. all that.. Same font as the 2 you've previously made me, (I love them! :D) to say :

Lord Andrew Mallace, First Lord of the Treasury (you can shrink/expand to fit on one line)

Thanks! Please do it over user:me/sig5, :D

All the best, now and forever, MallaceSig3


Jack I need you to go onto chat ASAP.

MatthewSeal BlastshotSig1

Can You make me a new sig?

If you can make me a new sig I want a sig that has "Andrew's Special Font" and says General Jason Shiprat of the EITC. Thankyou!

Jason Shiprat CEO of Shiprat Industries

February Newsletter

Jack Pistol
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The Pirates of the Caribbean Online Player's Wiki Community Newsletter

Happy Valentines day!
We all hoped that you, ( and your valentine ) had a nice day filled with floating hearts ( isn't that ironic? )

Demotion Request
A demotion blog for User:Tama63 was made, but was denied as it did not have enough support.

Admin Promotions
User:Jack Pistol and User:GenLawrence were both promoted to admin recently!

Note from the Author

Please read

This months newsletter was written by User:Benjamin Macmorgan as always, we appreciate help. So feel free to apply here! Remember, the same author will not always write the newsletters. So be sure you know who wrote this edition first, before you contact them on improvements. I try my best to keep the newsletters non-bias, but if ever I make any mistakes feel free to leave me a message on my talk page, or leave a message to any other newsletter editor.



Guide on another wiki

I basically finished the guide on the RP wiki :P

Are you going to try and do the map?


btw nice profile picture :P


Hi Jack. I really don't think my page should have been deleted. I was having a problem with trying to put it on my blog page and I REALLY need help making the video. 20:18, February 18, 2012 (UTC)Emily Darkvane

Just so you know...

Just so you know, I'm going to be inactive for most of today. So don't destroy the wiki while I'm gone xD

GLSealGenLawSig1GenLawSig2@admins sig-sign


Nah, it won't show. So your free to create xD

*~>High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar of The Holy City<~*

Gross Chat Conversation

There was a lot of very innappropriate talk going on between John Breasly, Lord Andrew Mallace, Lord Caddius Bane, and Lord Matthew Blastshot. It was making Angel Darkvane and I feel very uncomfortable. After multiple times of asking them to please stop they refused and got more innappropriate. I understand I am not a chat mod but the wiki chat got very innappropriate after 12:00 AM Eastern Time. 05:49, February 21, 2012 (UTC)EmilyDarkvane


Dear Jack

I can make your trailer after all, and make it look good.

I cannot use images beacause of my stubborn computer. However, if you look on the page of the book that you signed up for, The Hellmouth, you will see the trailer. Play it and see what you think! You will see that I used paragraphs and descriptions instead of pictures. I can do something very similar to your trailer, but I will need the following information..

  • A not-very-long dialouge to use as the descriptions.
  • Link from youtube/title of a song to use as the trailer's soundtrack
  • Text font and color
  • Background font and color
  • Image for cover
  • Video transition

The image for the play cover would be at the very end of the trailer. I have a suggestion, if you would like to see it then let me know, or if not then send me your own one.

The video transition, just so you know, is how the 'pages' of the trailer would move. E.G. In The Hellmouth trailer, the transition was a turning page. Your page turn could explode, fade, pixelate, twist or roll away. Whichever one you'd like. Specify.

You can give me the information I listed above, but also if there are any special effects you would like to add then mention them. E.G. whispery noises or explosions in the background, weird film age, ect.

Get back to me as soon as you can with all the details. Once I have this information the trailer should take 1-3 days to make.

Kitty Kit Kat

You Have Been Invited

You Have Been Invited To Watch The 7th Brethren Courts Contest To become the last pirate lord! Check The Seating Arrangements Sir Pistol. Know where ye will sit. Hope You Can Make It! Pirate Prince, Nedgewalkersig


Me and Basil are waiting for you to wake up ;D

Captain R GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 16:24, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

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