Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett

  • I live in San Francisco, California
  • I am Male
Hi there, Lord Maxamillion!
Jack with pistol
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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Captaingoldvane2 (Talk) 01:52, September 2, 2011

welcome - claps - ive been waiting for ur return - heres eitc coming - meep meep - runs fast -

my bad iam the guy with the comment on top jasonblademorgan

heres you sig thing {User:Lord_Maxamillion/Sig}}. ok so click here > It takes u to Editing Profile Options, now when u get there, find the Signature Part and in the Box put the Sig thing. but remember, u must add a Capital M at front of axamillion part or it wont work! here what it should look like Also use 2 { on both sides of the thing! If ur confused after this let me know! From King Joshua Pond  23:09, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

This is what ur sig should look like Lord MaxamillionEITC Transparent

EITC M.A welcome back!

Hello Lord MaxamillionEITC Transparent the EITC Military Academy would like to offer you a job as one of our Teacher! just visit the page called ---> The EITC Military Academy ( Not EITC Military Academy Hall )

From King Joshua Pond  23:46, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Next Message starts here


Lord MaxamillionEITC Transparent 23:48, September 2, 2011 (UTC)


Max, I know you are being polite to Princess Emily, by calling her cute. And I appreciate that. Much. I am glad that you try to make her happy. But, you must remember, she is my girl friend. And I love her. More than you think. And it does bug me a little when you say that, because to a guy, it seems like your flirting. And dont get me wrong, I am being chill about this. But just please, dont do it. If you get this, say something on my talk. AND ADMINS!!! Please dont get annoyed with the ROLE PLAY or whatever you call this. I am just saying it here because I could not reach him in game.

Johnny Sig


  1. Can you send the picture to my talk.
  2. Can you tell me again what it's supposed to say?
  3. When you tell me these things I should be able to finish it in 5 minutes.
Hi my cousin how are u? Princess Carly, of Ireland EITC Transparent 01:29, September 17, 2011 (UTC)
Princess Carly


Max, I... I am shocked. Utterly shocked. I heard from two of my best men, that were there, that you... you kissed Princess Emily, my love, in the bar, when I was offline. I... if you need me I will be curled up in a little ball, in a little ditch on a little hill, covered by my tears.

Johnny Coaleaston sig EITC Symbol Sig

Max get on Chat I have a Maddly Brilliant Idea

N 00:18, September 28, 2011 (UTC)


Winner f the Giveaway Halloween Fake
This Halloween can be a hard time for a pirate, especially when Jolly Roger's Forces are at their highest.Thats why we are giving away a free game card for 1 months unlimited access to keep you going through this spooky holiday
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JollyROger giveaway

--Cooltext527246187Bot 15:26, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

Max Join this Wiki

Max plz join the Seventeen Hundreds Wiki ( owned by me Captainjosh98 ) for the Rebellion thingy on POTCO Thx! - King Joshua Pond 

Link :

Whatcha need?

Hey on chat earlier today (I was afk) you said "Can I talk to you?" Sure ya can, just leave meh a message on my talk, thanks! CzarAndrew MallaceOf New Russia@The Russian Government

Max, Your not an adult, you dont have kids, you dont have a job, you dont have a life. Get over it, and stop whining like a 2 year old!


Here is the code {{User:Lord Maxamillion/sig3}} here is how it looks

  1. REDIRECT User:Lord Maxamillion/Sig3 hope you like it

Jason YelloweagleTalk President of the Crazy People


Here you go

EITC Emblem Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett is One of the Legendary Lords!

Jason YelloweagleTalk President of the Crazy People


Fine. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may you use it UNTIL you are in the guild. Or else you will be hearing from me.

Jason YelloweagleTalk6,416 Edits


Well OoN is getting left behind cause of the new guild...

Jason YelloweagleTalk6,416 Edits


What is the code to get into Co. Black Guard? I would really like to know.


Here ya go!

I got 3 bc.. well.. idk. I just did. Hope they work :)

Captain R GoldvaneTalk12,211 Edits 00:01, December 2, 2011 (UTC)


Of course you may.

200px-GarlandSig1.png 300px-GarlandSig2.png

The Sig

Remidn me later, I have family over and have got no time now

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

You've been given a ticket by the drama police

First off... ye are completely powerless against me.... I'd like to see what you can try and do and the possible consequences that would adhere to it. Second off, I'm just trying to keep the lying to a minimum.


Here are the Sigs


The Feared Sailor

I suggest you do the following for the sig you will use most:

If it is the EITC Sig do this:

Using Your Signature
  1. Go to Special:Preferences
  2. Go to Signature section
  3. Tick "I want to use wikitext in signature" box
  4. In blank space type {{User:Lord Maxamillion/Sig2}}
  5. Scroll down and click save
  6. To use it type ~~~ ( for your sig only ) or ~~~~ ( for your signature and a timestamp )

If it is the Feared Sailor Sig do this:

Using Your Signature
  1. Go to Special:Preferences
  2. Go to Signature section
  3. Tick "I want to use wikitext in signature" box
  4. In blank space type {{User:Lord Maxamillion/Sig3}}
  5. Scroll down and click save
  6. To use it type ~~~ ( for your sig only ) or ~~~~ ( for your signature and a timestamp )

For the one you do not add or if you do no add both type:

{{User:Lord Maxamillion/Sig2}} for the EITC Signature.

{{User:Lord Maxamillion/Sig3}} for the Feared Sailor Signature.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

Think about it. If we keep doing it they will. If we do it we are no Better than them. If we stop They will stop trolling as much as they do

N 02:07, December 13, 2011 (UTC)

Just show that we are the Better people and let them remain in their Hideout.

N 02:11, December 13, 2011 (UTC)

Re:Start Fresh

No. It seems to be a recurring thign with you. Exactly this happened the other day, and you acted exactly the same.

  1. You teleported without asking.
  2. We told you not to.
  3. You got all angry and caps raged us.
  4. You calmed down and asked if we could just loot.
  5. Hoards started arriving and you started going on about you wanting to be friends, makign it awkward.
  6. You caps rage again.
  7. We get annoyed and tell you to stop.
  8. You say "Jack. Stop"
  9. You get all angry and blame it on something like roleplay. Or lie and say it was wrong chat ( ya right )
  10. You realize we are annoyed and try and apologize and feel all bad.

I am trying to be polite, but seriously stop.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

Read the rant above ^ and the one on my blog. My decision is final, sorry no sweet talk.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

Max, please do not try and guilt me into doing what I do not want to do. As I said above, this will recur. A lot of us have problems in real life, this game is an escape for that, do not think you are the only one.

I am not your only true friend, you have the EITC and all of them who know you even better.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

Max, stop. You are makign this harder and more awkward for me, that is awful that you lost your friend, but please do not use it to guilt me into anything. Stop with the guilt. Like I said a lot of us have problems in real life, but we should use the game to escape, not bring them to the game.

I am going offline now and my decision is still final.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

Max, do you not read ANYTHING I say to you?

  1. What part of "my decision is final" do you not understand?
  2. What part of "I am going offline now" do you not understand?
  3. I said I want to be left alone, because this is an on-going process with you, that is why I wont forgive you. It will keep happening.

I am sick of repeating myself. I am going offline. My decisions is final

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

See? This is step 3 you are doing now. I dont care what your excuse is and MY DECISION IS FINAL!!!

I will not respond to anything else from you today, I will be online tomorrow.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @

I know you are not the anon who swore at us.

JackSig1PistolSig1 Rollback @


Max, I haven't done A THING to you. I don't see why you hold a grudge against me and feel the need to lecture or put me on ignore whenever you run into me, after me not even saying a word sometimes. I don't know what you want, but I'm asking you to stop. I've asked in the game but you were already shouting "PINK LETTERS!"

Madster. 16:18, December 23, 2011 (UTC)Madster.


I never knew there was another one of me lol. If that's really why, it was a simple mistake and all is forgiven let's just start this over lol

Madster. 18:39, December 23, 2011 (UTC)Madster.



Gamertag is- Revelz Sniper. but you know, we can chat sometime. Me and Johnny are both 13. I don't think yer a adult tho, so you can talk wid us.


Will ye join my new wiki? It's about the marines. If ye do join, I'll make ye an admin. Here's a link.

BoogieSig1 E I Co. symbol 07:04, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

I think the eitc should sing this xD
Mulan-A girl worth fighting for

Mulan-A girl worth fighting for



I'll meet you in the game when I'm able to go on :) I've been having a few complications with that, though... The next time I can go on, I'll have Storm get us to each other somehow. Madster. 01:10, January 10, 2012 (UTC)Madster.

You sure..?

Max, just to be sure... You do know I'm in the Delta, right? Just talking to me can get you discharged- which I find ridiculous. Still, I don't want you to get in trouble because you like me. Are you SURE you aren't confusing me again? It may sound odd, but I just don't want to get you in trouble with the EITC. If you realize that then.. I'd like to get to know you lol :) But are you sure? Madster. 20:24, January 15, 2012 (UTC)Madster.

Are you still doing my PvP Tournament if so, you need to go to my wiki page and tell me you still are.

Blog is up!

Read this! Tell me if there are mistakes, what to add, your thoughts, thanks.

User blog:Lord Andrew Mallace/News from the Command

All the best,


Sig Code

The code is {{User:Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett/sig}}. It looks like this: Maxsiggy



Max, is it worth it?

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 11:18, June 6, 2012 (UTC)


Sup. :P

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 11:12, June 12, 2012 (UTC)


Max :(


Max, you can't leave! I might be selfish with this, but you are the guy I trust the most with Roger. Don't leave me ;(

Best Man

G-man. Do you mind, I'm busy doing the fishstick, it's a very delicate state of mind. Oh well, nevermind that. You know, you remind me of myself at a young age. All I cared about was riding narwhales and sleeping in honeycombs and drinking babies' tears... So, More tea, Pelly my dear? You take care of yourself, now. And if you ever find yourself in Eggland, do look me up. We can share a strawberry torte. Ta ta!
TALK – Thursday, October 1 2020 (Mountain Standard Time, no Daylight Savings)
Best man? You bet! xD

Guess what?

- Can't wait until Saturday ;

-Love you. :)

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 10:57, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
Screenshot 2012-06-06 15-30-59



I want you to read this, Max.

First, I'm really sorry for what happened to your father. I'm sorry I was asking alot of questions. Knowing you were sad, I wanted to know why. I was worried about you and I didn't want to make you mad by talking.

Second, I just teleported to Redsteel. I only love you. I didn't cheat at all.

You must trust me.

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 01:25, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

Sky name



I'm there! I guess you are Badbeard? Or no?

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 01:05, June 21, 2012 (UTC)


I can't I have to go to sleep! See you tomorrow! I love you

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 02:13, June 21, 2012 (UTC)


You honestly completely contradicted yourself in your responding comment. Your entire page is based upon the Eitc losing men, and you wanting to have a meeting on it. So when I said to you, I knew the Eitc was losing men and the Co. was more fun with me, you replied and said you DID have men. Honesty Max, get your facts straight. I'm not here to argue, you yourself said the Eitc is losing all of its truly loyal and fun members. All I am saying is, just be honest.

Prince Leon of EnglandCrown

Max, seriously...

I'm not trying to insult you or "your" country. I'm just stating the facts, and I know I've been inactive. But still, its not very difficult to get back into things. Even Lord Garland told me that England is dying and the EITC is on the way. So, please don't be angry with me, I do want to be friends. And I don't say that I'm the "richest of them all". Thats definitely not a direct quote from me, perhaps sometime I do hint that I may have money, but you never know. In fact, yes, perhaps my family does well. But whatever. This is the GAME not real life we are discussing.

Prince Leon of EnglandCrown 01:09, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

Problem :

Parts of the role play interfere with other parts of it. Example, Wager's and EITC's isn't the same. People start war, but we can't claim. According to that, in every role play, there are their own kings and leaders. So it must not interfere or there is war.

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 14:33, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

Max, show this to Carly

Screenshot 2012-06-21 15-14-15

The last thing I knew about Walker (I never told him anything bad against Carly, I even thought they were the perfect couple.)

ℓυcкεү нαη∂ғσя∂ 13:53, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

I miss you

Hey Max, I know I wasn't suppose to come back on the wiki, but I must tell you something. I maybe took the choice too fast. I was really tired of it and I shouldn't have left you. I won't write a long message because I want to stop crying. I miss you.

With all the love I can have,

Luckey Handford


What the hell are you even talking about?



I am so sorry for being rude, mean, and calling you bad names! Max please stop posting pictures of me... i get that you hate me... But everyone in my family is hating me! and even people i dont know!!! Max please please! Im sorry!!! Just please leave me alone!

Squid18 (talk) 02:36, August 9, 2012 (UTC)Squid



You are asked to attend the funeral of King Philip V of Spain.  It will be held 21 December, 1746 (2012), at approximately 7:00 PM EST (2:00 PM GMT).  The server will be Andaba, and the island will be Cutthroat Isle (Jungle).  Guests should begin arriving as early as 6:30 PM EST (1:30 PM GMT).  If you wish to say some memorable words about the fallen king, please reply here.  If you have any questions, please ask them here.

Thank you!

--John Breasly, Savvy Designs Member

Regarding your comment

Max i don't mind if nate becomes a lord. Im Fine with it infact i want him to be a lord due to his loyalty and long time service. Lord Jason Blademorgan, EITC Officer Guild Userbox ImageEITC 00:36, February 18, 2013 (UTC) Im not power hungry! :P


Hey, Max! This is Luckey. Long time we haven't talk to each other. It would be nice to chit-chat with you. I cannot access the chat on this wiki because of the 100 edits rule. Though, I am more active on the United Alliance wiki and on Skype. Hope to meet soon :)


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