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Ahoy <insert name here>, Userboxes is page which has various templates which you can add to pages to, spruce them up a bit.

Article Userboxes

These Userboxes can be used to spice up your pages, simply add the code to your page and you have a cool userbox!

Note: The Level Template is not complete, it can still be used but the image (Level 1-29) will not appear.

Pirates and Ships

These can be used on your Pirate(s) & Ship(s) pages!

Note:On the type, replace it with either Light or War, leave it blank if it is a regular ship.

Quests and Favorites

These can be used to express your Favorites and your Quests!

Fishing and Potion Skills

Use these to show off your Fishing and Potion Skills!


Add these to your pages to show what special weapons you have!

Weapon Skills

Show off your skills with these savvy Userboxes!

User Page

These Userboxes can be used on your User Pages!


These Userboxes can be added to show others your experience on this Wiki.

Special Event

Celebrate some special events and holidays with these savvy userboxes.

Guild Types

Doesn’t matter if ye are Spanish, English, of French; ye can be proud showing it!


Other Userboxes...


Fanon Userboxes...

Note: Some userboxes may say, "Userboxes is or has..." This is because the userbox is modified to put in the name of the page it is on. For example if you put the Level userbox on the Chris Swordbones page it will say, "Chris Swordbones has reached Notoriety..."