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Ahoy <insert name here>, Userboxes is page which has various templates which you can add to pages to, spruce them up a bit.


If you've made some userboxes in the past, and they are not displayed on the Userboxes page, feel free to put them in the comments here, with their code or add it to the page yourself! Thanks for contributing!


Note: Some userboxes may say, "Userboxes is or has..." This is because the userbox is modified to put in the name of the page it is on. For example if you put the Bestfriends userbox on the Jack Sparrow page it will say, "Jack Sparrow is friends with..."


If you would like a userbox made, please comment on this page, or send a message to one of these people:

Squirto19 - Talk Page

If you would like your name added above just ask Squirt in the comments, or on his talk page, and he will add you in
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