Server Vachira is a Server Server

This is the Last Server listed. Vachira is Ideal almost 95% of the time, quiet only on Sunday mornings and late nights. Vachira, though only ideal, is more poor baspulated than most of the Ideal Servers. Vachira is usually quiet during the day and later at night.This is because Vachira is the last server.

Vachira is where Lord Carlisle recently spotted a pirate named Hades, leader of the Underworld Army. It's possible this server is his home turf.

Vachira's player base seems to be a looting type. The most popular places on Vachira is Darkhart, Tormenta, Neban, and other looting locations. It is unknown why this is.

Unlike many other servers, the players that favor Vachira seem mostly to be completely dedicated to Vachira, rarely leaving it. Some of the Vachira pirates may go to other servers for other reasons.


These pirates LOVE Vachira!


These guilds make their homes on Vachira.

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