Vampire's Fate is a guild where anybody is welcome to join. Vampire Sorceress Lvl 33 is the Guildmaster. The guild is a place where pirates can unite to fight against the EITC, Navy, and Jolly Roger, or to just be free and do whatever they please. We are a small guild at the moment, but I intend to get more people. If you are willing, join in to fight for our fates.

I got the idea after thinking one question. "What is my fate?" So Vampire's Fate was born. However it has grown into something much more than my own fate. It now stands for the fate of all who are willing to fight for freedom, for the fate of those who will make sacrifices to do what's right, and for those who want a brighter future for new pirates. There's only one question left. Are you up to the challenge to fight against those who threaten us pirates? If so, join my guild.VampireSorceress (talk) 04:00, November 27, 2012 (UTC)Vampire Sorceress-GM

    • Currently no GM is present due to a ban. I am working on extinguishing said ban so guild can get back up and running**
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