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The Flag of Viceroyalty Co.

Viceroyalty Co. was founded on August 7, 2010. It started off as a wing, or client guild of East India Republic, founded by its current Guildmaster, Robert Mcroberts. The guild grew in size and soon overshawdowed its parent guild. Viceroyalty Co. currently has 120 members, 191 if you count Viceroyalty Co. 2. Viceroyalty Co. is a Republic, it elects its leaders every month. Unlike the Co. Republic, which is a dictatorship., the People are Free.

For Current Political info, check here.



Viceroyalty Co. 120
Viceroyalty Co. 2 71
Total 191

Rules/Restricitons for Joining

  1. Must be able to Equip yourself with Basic Army Equipment. For Basic this is a Blunderbuss, and Cloth Belt (around 250 gold to 500 Max and color is given for your rank) For unlimited this is a Cloth belt and Musket and a Level 1 Infamy Helmet (1950 Gold). (Note there will be an effort to assit you in recieving helmet)
  2. You may be EITC, Navy, Soldiers, Pirates or Undead to Join. Keep in mind you are not allowed to get into fights with other members. Its loyalty to Guild First, second to a company or Piracy.
  3. Be Polite and follow all the games rules. Don't worry though, if your banned, we won't hold it against you.
  4. Must be Level 14 or Higher (rule subject to change, and there may be very rare exceptions)

No Officer List

No Join List

If you find any of these people in the Guild, tell an Officer and have them kicked immediatly

People you should know!

Robert Mc Roberts


-Skilled Tactician

-Role playing name:James Fitz-James Stuart, 3rd Duke of Berwick, Duke of Liria and Xavia

Command Rank in Guild:

1st in Command

Rank: Guildmaster
Cannon level 23
Sailing level 30 (Mastered)
Sword level 30 (Mastered)
Shooting level 30 (Mastered)
Doll level 30 (Mastered)
Dagger level 30 (Mastered)
Grenade level 18
Staff level 30 (Mastered)
Potions level 16
Fishing level 16

John Breasly

- Former Co Guildmaster

-King of England

Skill Level
Sword 30 (Mastered)
Gun 15
Doll 9
Dagger 25
Grenade 7
Staff 12
Sailing 24
Cannon 14
Fishing 20 (Mastered)


Jeremiah Stormwash

- Co Guildmaster

Skill Level
Sword 30 (Mastered)
Gun 30 (Mastered)
Doll 30 (Mastered)
Dagger 30 (Mastered)
Grenade 20
Staff 30 (Masrtered)
Sailing 26
Cannon 24
Fishing 20 (Mastered)
Potion 16

Jack Cannonhawk

-Former GM of Cannonhawk Guild


-King of Two Siclies (Prince in Spain and France)

-Master Pvper

Johnny Dockshot

-Army Commander

-Viceroy of Irelan

Sailing 18
Cannon 12
Sword 30 (Mastered)
Shooting 30 (Mastered)
Doll 4
Dagger 11
Grenade 3
Staff 4
Fishing 9
Potions 9

Things you should know!


Official Territory

Vachira-Joint rule with Viceroyalty Co. 2

-see the "Territory" section below for more details


Tortos and Savica

-Nominal self rule, defense responsible by the local milita, taxes are paid to the main government under joint supervision by Viceroyalty Co. and Viceroyalty Co. 2


Levica and Monada

-Independent execpt in times of war, when they are occupied.

Protector:Viceroyalty Co.

System of Government

-The Government of Viceroyalty Co. is a Republic, led by Two Consuls. These Two Consuls are elected by the people, then they appoint a series of government advisors.

Current heads

-Republic currently suspended.

-Past heads -Robert Mcroberts (2 times before)

-Richard Hookskull

-Lawrence Daggerpaine

-Kat Hexbones

-John Breasly

-Captin Ryan (only consul to be removed)

-Jack Cannonhawk

-John O'Eagle


Royale Alliance


While Viceroyalty Co. claims the enitire Vachira Server, it treates its lands differently.

Viceroyalty Co. has a number of Courts ready for use at all times.

On Wild islands (Islands with no teleport totem besides Kingshead) most can do whatever they want

On Minor islands (all non wild islands except Port Royal Tortuga and Padres)-As long as ye aren't burning the Capitol or attacking people, ye are all right

On Major Islands (Rest) There is More security. If you plan to break the law, DONT do it here.

Capital District, Heavily Guarded- no weapons allowed inside of it- minor crimes can be punishable by Jail Time or worse.

This is the map of where our Capital is.

Foriegn Areas-Military Occupation, no misdemeners allowed! (Port Royal, Navermo)


Viceroyalty Co. was founded to provide more space for East India Republic. Three prominent officers were commisioned to form new guilds. Robert Mc Roberts founded Viceroyalty Co., John Breasly founded Royale Knight Co., and Simon Lockward founded Royal Trading Co. The plan cost East India Republic, without thier three prominent officers, the guild began losing members and went inactive. Several members flocked to Viceroyalty Co. the guild grew at a rapid pace.

This shows the Viceroyalty Co.'s Invasion of Vachira

Viceroyalty Co. also invaded Vachira and set up its Government there. Many have called this an act of Tyranny, while others feel Viceroyalty Co. has done a very good job at protecting local interests. After the Invasion of Vachira, Viceroyalty Co. and Royal Knight Co. formed the Royale Alliance to further increase power (By now Royal Trading Co had gone inactive and was not included). It includes about 20 guilds and is a republic, It has 2 Co leaders called Consuls which run for reelection every month. On December 21, Royale Knight Co. and Viceroyalty Co decided to unite. Royale Knight Co. began moving members into Viceroyalty Co. The Crown of Ireland, Rebels of the Co, Treasure Hunter guild, and Cannonhawk guild also followed. The Guild is currently working on obtaining new members and expanding its military.

Recently, Robert Mcroberts has returned after losing Wifi and having to study for Final exams, and is going to rebuild the Guild. He named Jeremiah Stormwash as the new Co-Guildmaster, and has reorganized the guilds structure, and Robert has kicked much of the inactive memebrs of his guild.

Royale Trading Co.

The Royale Trading Co. is a government-type organization sponsored by the Royale Alliance and the International Trading Bank.

Royale Trading Co. Flag



Samuel Redbeard, the established leader of the EITC, has refused to return his unearned post to it's previous controller, Captain "Lord" Leon. Viceroyalty Co. has made it known that it will back Leon in this ongoing fight, and with use force if necessary. The Royale Alliance has established secret bases to launch guerilla warfare tactics as the main army builds up.

Four Finger Frank

A picture of Four Finger Frank, Captain "Lord" Leon's new character, can bee seen here. As it turns out, this is a hoax.

Four Finger Frank was discovered as a Sham, but he did serve a purpose in Weakening Samuel Redbeard's forces.

The Leonic Wars

Note: The word "Leonic" was invented by Robert Mcroberts and is not the official name. Robert Mc Roberts and John Breasly were at first hired by the Resistance to take out Leon. They launched VERY sucessfull raids, which disprupted guild meetings and had the EITC on the run. This eventually ended up in Ship Pvp. Leons forces were destroyed and his military was set back. However, Credit did not fall to Robert and John. Other leaders who only helped at the last minute toke all thier Credit. Robert Mc Roberts and John were furious and offered thier services to Leon. Incresingly they have been more and more relied upon. Viceroyalty Co. mainly fights those claiming to be head of the EITC to secure its intrests.

Viceroyalty Co. is NOT EITC.

Civil War

There have been many attempts to overthrow the Viceroyalty Co. The third attempt ever led by John Breasly, nearly worked, but failed in the end due to a lost battle. Robert and John Reconciled and have both been popular leaders since.

Invasion of Navermo

Talked about in greater detail here on the page the Invasion of Navermo

David Inc.

After a Brutal attack on the E.I.R (Old guild before Viceroyalty Co.) Capital, War was declared on David Inc. Using superior tactics and manpower, they were first pushed from Tortuga, then reduced to Padres Del Fuego. The war from then was a Stalemate, until support from outside tipped the balance against David Inc. They were pushed off of Navermo and is unknown thier fate. Since the fall of thier rule in navermo, almost all members deserted to Viceroyalty Co. David, Sir Roland, Richard Swordsilver, and Sailor Johnson are the only known members in David Inc. which remain.

Anglo-Spanish Wars

Viceroyalty Co, had always had a heated realtionship with Spain. However, this somtimes boiled into war. EITC ships commonly sailed for Spain, and Pirates would sail for France, a Viceroyalty Co. ship accidentaly sunk a Spanish Ship making its way for Padres. War was declared. Viceroyalty Co's Army was much smaller than Pearson Wright's, however they had Allies in Reserves, and managed to achive Victory. Spain and Viceroyalty Co, began to work together in a number of Ventures, including suppressing a Rebellion led by Cadet. This new Alliance would not last long, when a membership dispute led to a skirmish and then outright war. An alliance with France has even been considered. After a day, the War was brought to a swift conclusion. Ship v.s Ship pvp was won by a weaker English force by using superior tactics. While expected for the English to sail for France in ship pvp, General Robert Mcroberts did the unexpected. He ordered his ships to launch from Spain, this caused alot of Confusion amongst spanish forces. Some launched from spain other from france. Spains fleets were doing more damage to themselves than the english. Reneforcements from Royale Imperial Co arrived and the Spanish were driven back to Ravens cove.

Co. Empire Wars

First Co. Empire War

Victory! Viceroyalty Co. gets Vachira, Co. Empire keeps Antassa! Peace is made.

I Pwned those Noobs.jpg

Second Co. Empire War

Victory! Co. Empire repelled! Antassa Ceeded to Viceroyalty Co.! Defensive Pact made as part of peace.

We won Antassa!!!.jpg

Third Co. Empire War

To be made.

Found Here

Recent EITC Wars

Viceroyalty Co. has fought several recent engaments with various EITC leaders, always coming out on top. Viceroyalty Co. also supported James the Jacobite (who also had the support of France and Spain) in his quest to topple John Breasly from being king. James later made up with John and is now an hier.

The most recent engagment was against a EITC force led by William Yellowbones. Viceroyalty Co. with Spanish help defeated them, even though some of thier allies deserted to the EITC.

Viceroyalty Co. 2 Wars

Viceroyalty Co. 2 also fought a few seperate campaigns found here. However for the most part, volunteers were incorportated into Viceroyalty Co. units.

Viceroyalty Co. 2

Viceroyalty Co. 2 is the second guild of Viceroyalty Co. Founded on October 6, almost two months after Viceroyalty Co. The Guild was founded because of the lack of space in the main guild which was close to maxing. The Second Guild gained members, but was generally inactive, with most active members wanting to be moved into the main guild.


Matthew Mcmatthews is the current GM

Main Article here:

Flag of Viceroyalty Co. 2 (flag of main guild is acceptable as well)

Subordinate Guilds

These guilds are Subordinate to Viceroyalty Co. and are either wings, guild remnants, or guilds owned by guild members other pirates

Guilds owned by Guild members other pirates

  • Royale Knight Co. Guild master when founded, John Breasly. Guild master now, Jean De Vallet, going to be Mercenaire the player
  • Wellingtons Army. Guildmaster when founded Captian Ryan, Guildmaster now, Duke of Wellington
  • Royale Pirates Guildmaster when founded Badroberts, Guildmaster now, Dorian (John Breasly). (NOTE THIS IS ON TEST SERVER)

Guild Remnants (Guilds without Guildmasters)

  • Knights St. John

    This is the flag of the Cannonhawk Guild

  • Army of Rouges
  • Crown of Ireland
  • Treasure Hunter guild
  • Cannonhawk Guild
  • Royale Justice
  • Hannover Hussars
  • Prussian Knights
  • Alliance of Power
  • Pirate Rifle Corps
  • Dark Disorder
  • Royal Rulers


  1. Spain's Guild
  2. The French Royalty
  3. The British Knights


  • Gen. Of Peace
  • Aztec Warriors
  • Bandidos are Back


  1. United Co.Empire
  2. David Inc.
  3. Followers of Pears
  4. The Co. Empire
  5. Caribbean Union (Ceasefire in affect)
  6. Burnward's Empire
  7. Black Officers


The Viceroyalty Co. Army was first a division of the East India Republic Army. However, as the Guild grew, they began to become a seperate Army all together. The Army saw action in the concluding stages of the David Inc. war and was led by Robert Mc Roberts. As more soldiers came in, so to did new ideas and positions. The Army was split up into Groups and leaders were found for them.

There are 7 Head Positions currently in the Military.

Robert Mcroberts

Head of Army, Commader of Half of Expeditionary Force

Jeremiah Stormwash

Head of Army, Commader of Half of Expeditionary Forces

Jim Bloodsilver

Commander of SVS

Ned Swordmartin

Commander of Navy

John O' Eagle

Commander of Defensive Force


Commander of Infantry


Commander of PVP

The Army Today is considered one of the Strongest of all Guilds. It has fought in Many wars, and has the distiction of defeating Francis Brigade twice in battle (while they were for a short time on opposing sides). The Army uses some of the most advanced weapons, like the Viceroyal Repeating Rifle.


The Viceroyalty Co. Navy began as a collection of a few small ships. The Navy has, and still does take a back role to the Army. This has been at times Disadvantages to Viceroyalty Co. Ship Pvp, has always been a downside for Viceroyalty Co. and only a few times have they ever tied or let alone won the battle. Recent reforms by Captian Ryan have brought more favourable results, but the navy in whole needs to modernize and expand. Matthew Darkskull became head when Captin Ryan deserted, and sweeping victories against the Co. Rangers occured. 7 battles in a row were won (all but one are denied by the Co. Rangers who Conviently quit before Viceroyalty Co. would gain the lead, or sink thier last ship)

A Small drawing of the Victory Voyager, the current Viceroyal Navy flagship!

Ranks in Army

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Mcroberts ording the Soldiers into a musket line.

Private*-Black Cloth Belt: or Buckled Belt:

Corporal*- Green Cloth Belt:

Sergeant*- Blue Cloth Belt:

Sergeant major*- Orange Cloth Belt:

Lieutenant*- White Cloth Belt:

Captain*- Yellow Cloth Belt:

Major*-Brown Cloth Belt:

Colonel*-Gray Cloth Belt:

Lieutenant Colonel-Red Cloth Belt: (This can only be held by Army Chiefs of Staff, only 6 People may hold at one time.) (Level 3 Infamy Helmet)

Brigadier General-Red Cloth Belt (Level 3 Infamy Helmet):Highest Ranking Person Online

*These Ranks correspond with those of Francis Brigade

Notable Army members!

The Army Ranks will be resetting soon.




Sergeant Major





Lieutenant Colonel

  • Robert Mcroberts
  • Ned Swordmartin
  • Jerehemiah Stormwash
  • Jim Bloodsilver
  • John O'Eagle

Brigadier General

  • This position is for the Highest Ranking Soldier online, they are Supreme Commander of all Forces
  • Here is the line of Succession, If you are the highest rank online, you are Brigadier General!
  • You overpower all generals besides GM and Co-GM

  1. Robert Mcroberts
  2. Jerehemiah Stormwash
  3. Ned Swordmartin
  4. Jim Bloodsilver

Holidays and Flags and Customs

Guild Holidays

Founders Day-July 12

This Celebrates the day when EIR finished merging with Pirate Rifle Corps, thus laying the Foundation and History for Viceroyalty Co.

Celebrations take place in the Trading Co Officer on Tortuga, and the beachs of Spain, France, and Tortuga

Year of Establishment:2010

Viceroyalty Co. Day-August 7

On this day, Robert McRoberts was granted a Charter and created Viceroyalty Co. Celebrations are held on Port Royal, Navermo, and there is a feast at the Old Capitol Building

Year of Establishment:2010

Consulate Day-November 2

On this day, the Republic was introduced to Viceroyalty Co. and the Royale Alliance

Celebrate this day by Voting and having Debates Year of Establishment:2010

Army Day-December 21

On this day, the Militia of Viceroyalty Co. was disbanded and replaced with a Professional Army. This Army is currently in use today.

On this day there will be Promotion Ceremonies and an Army Parade in Padres Del Fuego Year of Establishment:2010

Guild National Anthem


Viceroyal Anthem

This is the National Anthem of Viceroyalty Co.

Made official on 1/23/2011


List of Members!

Will be added at a later date

Member Hall of Fame

The hall of fame was created to show people what our members are like. These are members that have acted

Viceroyal Cross, Give to those who displayed great valor, bravery or merit


Robert Mcroberts

Rank at time: Guildmaster
Reason: Outstanding military tactic use in the field of battle.

Jack Seacutter

Rank at time: Veteran
Reason: Inventing the Viceroyal Repeating Rifle

John O'eagle

Rank at time: Veteran
Reason: Unbelievable ship manuevering, saving an entire fleet from Spanish privateers.


Rank at time: Officer
Reason: Excellent politician, stopped several civil wars from starting.

Jack Stormwalker

Rank at time: Officer
Reason: Shown courage on battlefield, saving an entire regiment from destruction.

William Damproberts

Rank at time: Veteran
Reason: Excellent spywork against enemies

Kat Hexbones

Rank at time: Officer
Reason: Excellent political skills and army skills.

Johnny Dockshot

Rank at time: Officer
Reason: Led several charges against enemies, winning by landslides


Viceroyalty Co. is renowned for its PVP ability. Robert Mc Roberts founded this tradition when El Bandidos invaded Navermo. After his guild suffered two crushing defeats, he arrived in time to drive the Bandidos off of Tortuga. Team PVP is the guilds specialty, they have been known to use Formations and tactics to win on PVP battle grounds.

See the Pvp Database here

Viceroyalty Co. managed to infilitrate Leons ranks, leaking valuable information involved in his defeat.

The Current Co-GM of Viceroyalty Co. John Breasly, used to be GM of a guild hostile to Viceroyalty Co.

Viceroyalty Co. grew 130 members one day.

Viceroyalty Co. is the only guild which has equivilant ranks to Francis Brigade.


A Consul Removed!

Captain Ryan the Consul, was removed from his office on 2/20/2011 and has been bared from entering the guild forever. Ryan was accused of leaking Info to the Co, Empire, but these Charges were dropped at first. However after further invesitgating, Ryan had been meeting with them and giving Viceroyalty Co. secrets away and kicking members. In a trial Captain Ryan lost and the Judge ordered a vote to be held to keep him in or not. The vote was conducted over 3 hours and the results were clear.

Keep Ryan 2
Get Rid of Ryan 11

Captain Ryan was removed from Consul, and John O'Eagle the Chancellor has replaced him. It is expected for either Soar or Ned Swordmartin to take the Position of Chancellor.
Matthew Darkskull has taken his command roles

Caribbean Gazette!

Recently, a newspaper was set up on the Wikia. Viceroyalty Co. is proud to have two editors and founders in the Caribbean Gazette. We invite all members to think of ideas for the Newspaper. Send ideas or an article to Robert Mc Roberts or John Breasly. We will review them, edit them and send them off to the President of the Newspaper, who will determine if they make the cut or not.

The Official Seal of the Caribbean Gazette!

Elections Results are in!

The Imperial Party once again claimed victory with Canidates Captian Ryan and Jack Cannonhawk winning, but made some major losses to the Royale Party and the new Clover Council of Elders Party.

It should also be noted, due to Superbowl XLV, there was less of a turnout. No blame to anyone who decided to watch the Superbowl though!

The Election was continued into monday, because of the First recorded tie ever. Captian Ryan beat Dandan dragon in the second round of voting and became Consul.

First Round. Saturday to Sunday

Jack Cannonhawk (Imperial Party) 5
Ned Swordmartin (Royale Party) 3
Jacob Dylan Anglefish (Independent) 1
Captian Ryan (Imperial Party) 4
Dandandragon (Clover Council of Elders Party) 4
Marie Antonie (Clover Council of Elders Party) 3
John O'Eagle (Royale Party) 2
Geoffrey Ropefitte (Independent) 0

Second Round, Monday

Captain Ryan (Imperial Party) 7
Dandandragon (Clover Council of Elders Party) 4

Elections are Soon!

The elections for the Fourth Term as Consul of the Royale Alliance will begin this weekend. Current Consuls, Robert McRoberts and John Breasly will NOT be seeking reelection. This leaves many contedors for Imperial Party nomination. Captian Ryan is a favorite, but does not have much political experience, a deciding factor for nomination. Luuluu is another choice, but some question if he should be eligable because his Main Pirate is not currently in the Alliance. The Gen. of Peace Party is expecting to make major gains, as more members in thier guild have registered to vote. The Royal Party hopes to make some comebacks, and the chance for a


Independent to win are greater than ever!

Who will win the election! Only time will tell....

-Robert Mcroberts, Guildmaster

Leon Returns!

On the day of 1-22-10, Ben Goldeagle showed his face near Fabiola the gypsy! Guess who he is? See picture below. It also turns out, that Captain Leon was never banned, but saw the error of his ways, and stopped playing.

Ben Goldeagle (Captain Leon)

Fair Winds!

Hope you learned alot about our guild! Thank you for reading this.

Alliance flag.png Viceroyalty Co. is a/the Official Page in Viceroyalty Co.!