War Sloop

The Victory Voyager

The Victory Voyager is the war sloop of Robert Mcroberts.


Robert Mcroberts bought this ship to serve as a faster alternative for his slower War Galleons and War Frigates, he named it the Victory Voyager like his other ships to confuse his enemies. The Victory Voyager was first seen as a privateering vessel for the Royale Alliance.

The First Battle

The Victory Voyager's first battle was against pirates who were trying to take Captain Leon in Fort Charles. Once Leon was aboard, they took him to Kingshead, and fought off French privateers hired by the rebel named Cadet.

The battle was closely won, with the Victory Voyager taking a lot of fire. The ship was at dry dock for several weeks before being claimed seaworthy once more.

The Battle Against The Spanish

It was late one evening. An argument was being carried out on Tortuga. Then, several members of the Royale Alliance climbed aboard the Victory Voyager. Pearson Wright climbed aboard the Midnight Thunder.

A deciding SVS started. English against Spanish. The battle lasted several days. Finally, emerging from the fire and smoek of burning ships, was the Victory Voyager, flying a damaged English flag.


After the grand general Luuluu left the Royale Alliance, they became enraged. However, Pearson had not forgotten his defeat at their hands.

When the extraction team went to reason with Luuluu on a secluded island, the Spanish navy ambushed them from the island. The Victory Voyager was defeated. It's damage was so great, it looked like it would never sail again.


Today, the Victory Voyager is at a secluded Royale Alliance base, being improved.

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