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Wand of the Godling

The Wand of The Godling is a wand, the first wand, of the World Wide Weapon Makers group.


Crafted by John Breasly mere months ago. It is believed John took a power source from Death itself to make the wand. When John realized the power of it, he kept it, instead of putting it in the most secure shop, where he intended to originally keep it.

  • It's attack is 85, but it's skills are amazingly powerful
  • It has ten points to all skills

Rarity N/A WWWM
Type N/A Wand (replaces staff)
Attack N/A 85
Fiendfyre Rank 10 Scorch your enemies with fire!
Crucio Rank 10 Torture your enemies into insanity!
Avada Kedavra Rank 10 50% chance of a one hit kill!
Imperio Rank 10 Control your enemies!
Sectumspra Rank 10 Slice your enemies!
Vigoratus Rank 10 Give your allies 1,000 extra health!
Abyssus Rank 10 Sends a black spirit to your aid.
Fugam Rank 10 Fly through the air!
Apparate Rank 10 Ability to teleport behind your enemy and catch them by surprise
Tempestas Rank 10 Send a storm, killing everything in sight
Protego Rank 10 Blocks all damage!
Use N/A Must be a WWWM member