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#Richard goldvane
#Richard goldvane
#Edgar Wildrat
#Edgar Wildrat
#Davy Badbones

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The War Master's Clan is a group of people who are at the rank of War Master in infamy! You do NOT have to ask to join. If you wish to join whe your a war master, ask us in the comments( please, if we cant tell if you are, send proof in the comments). And if you would like to, add your own pic of your pirate!

  1. Basil Bridgebain
  2. Bill Plunderbones
  3. Richard goldvane
  4. Edgar Wildrat
  5. Davy Badbones

Basil Bridgebain

Basil Bridgebain!


Warclanmember War Master's Clan is a member of the War Master's Clan!

CREDITS TO: LeCrec Sharpe for this

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