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War of the Cabal
War of the Cabal Collage
A fireteam of guardians attacking during the Reclamation of Mars; combat during the Battle of the Scablands; the Siege of Rubicon; Cabal fending off guardians during the Rubicon Assault; Cabal Phalanxes charging during the Cabal Counter-offensive; Primus Sha'aull facing against assassins while his reinforcements arrive; Cabal forces deploying to the Barrens; Cabal Legionaries and Phalanxes defending against an attack from guardians.





Tumblr static destiny logo 200 The City

The Darkness


Tumblr static destiny logo 200 The Speaker
Tumblr static destiny logo 200 Master Rahool
Tumblr static destiny logo 200 Commander Zavala
Tumblr static destiny logo 200 Ikora Rey
Tumblr static destiny logo 200 Cayde-6

Valus Ta'aurc
Primus Sha'aull
Barcus Tha'aurn
Bracus Tho'ourg


Tumblr static destiny logo 200 Guardians

Sand Eaters
Dust Giants
Siege Dancers
Blind Legion


Moderate ground casualties
Light interstellar casualties

Heavy ground casualties
Light interstellar casualties

The War of the Cabal is a fictional war situated in the game world of Destiny.It is a conflict between The City and the Cabal. Instigated by the Cabal invasion of Mars, the war has dragged on for several decades and has claimed several thousands of lives in its wake.


During the Collapse, the Cabal invaded the human colonized planet of Mars. With no real defensive initiative, the Cabal quickly occupied it and began constructing military strongholds to protect their latest asset. Several years after, The City defended themselves with Guardians and began reclaiming their lost colonies. When a foothold was established on Earth, they soon departed for the other planets they once controlled. Guardians arrived on Mars, however they were quickly cut down in the Exclusion Zone. The Vanguard soon realized that they would need a strategic campaign in order to reclaim Mars.

The Vanguard sent guardians on reconnaissance missions to scout the landscape of Mars. Although the information was received, many guardians fell to Cabal anti-jumpship weaponry. With new intelligence, the Vanguard discovered a weak spot perfect for infiltration into Mars. An attack plan was drafted, and word was spread of the upcoming battle. Guardians would train and craft new weapons whilst learning combat tactics, maneuvers, and abilities based on their first encounters with the Cabal. Their first attack would be towards the east, in a particularly undefended region with rolling hills and cliffs: The Barrens.

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