The Weehawken Pistol was a dueling pistol wielded by Finn Hamm during the waning years of the Age of Piracy. Suspected to be an heirloom of the Holliday family, it was an ancient weapon not so much suited for open combat, but rather settling personal conflicts with swift decisiveness; as such, it held more sentimental value for Hamm than anything else, but was still kept on his person at all times should the situation call for him to draw it.



  • Attack: 77
  • Hair-Trigger (Rank 1) - If an enemy is targeted and within range, drawing the weapon will automatically fire it.
  • Antique - Reload speed slowed by 25%, but successful hits have a chance to break enemy attunements and stun for a short duration.
  • Take Aim + 4
  • Eagle Eye + 3
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