Level 40+

Visit Rose Seahound

On Whitewhale Island there is an icy beach. When you get off the frozen dock and go to the left there is Rose Seahound. When you talk to her, she will tell you about whitewhale oils in a mine and that theives are trying to steal it.

Defend the Oil

Go through the town and at the back of the map by the Blacksmith you will see a trap door. Open it and go inside. Then you'll need to follow a trail of spilt whale oil. When you follow it you will see barrles of whale oil. Make sure no more that 3 enemies get past you. 5 lvl 10 enemies will come at the same time to get to the oil. If more than 3 reach the oil before you kill them, you lose. There will be 5 rounds of 5 lvl 10 enemies coming at the same time. If you lose, you can try it again right after or later.

Return to Rose Seahound

Whn you beat that part, return to rose. She will give you 500 gold and free whale oil, which will heal you completely when you drink it (is in the tonic space).

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