Wicked Wrath
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Spartans Savvy Jrs.

Ship Class

War Sloop

Top Speed

25 Knots


Matthew Sternrage


Kingfisher, Predator, Golden Privateer


Port Royal

     The S/V Wicked Wrath (Commonly referred to as The Wrath) is Matthew Sternrage's Sleek and almost uncatchable War Sloop as it is also used as a Scout Ship for signs of locating Treasure Fleets or the Queen Anne's Revenge for Spartans Savvy Jrs. It was also used when a quest requires sailing to a wild island, which is no longer needed with Matthew finishing all the quests. Originally, the Wicked Wrath was a Navy Predator that was captured by the Fighting Executioner. The ship was sunk by Jolly Roger whilst on a voyage westward. The Wrath returned as the last ship in the fleet after getting reinforced to endure the Harkaway if it happens again. The Wrath would sometimes make great use to get to a wild island for looting when it comes to quick travel across long streches of the Caribbean, mostly common when travelling Leeward's Passage.

French Privateering

The Wicked Wrath joined the French Privateering Fleet alongside the Fighting Executioner as thanks for rebuilding Olympus Isle after the Olympian War. The Wrath made small parts in the war against Spain, but they were in which she had advantages being a War Sloop where she chased down running ships. As the Executioner left for a secluded island, the Wrath was brought in to substitute the absent Executioner in the war which gave the Wrath a larger role to play in the war.


  • The Wicked Wrath is the first ship liberated with Matthew Sternrage captaining the Fighting Executioner.
  • The Wicked Wrath is one of two ships of Navy Origin. The other being Fighting Executioner.
  • The Wicked Wrath was the last ship to return to Matthew Sternrage's Fleet after a long time since it last sailed.
  • The Wicked Wrath is Matthew's Smallest ship, as it is 120 ft long and 12 ft wide.
  • The Wrath is the French Privateering replacement for the Fighting Executioner, while the Gunwale Mercenary is the Executioner's replacement on the Open Sea overall.
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