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A Wiki Oscar is an award given to a member of the Gamers Fanon Wiki for having the best page or blog in a selected category. It is an annual award, being given out annually in December. Any page can be nominated, granted it follows the requirements for nomination. It was founded in 2011 by Tama63. The current host of the Wiki Oscars is Captain Ned Edgewalker.

Latest Edition: 2016 Wiki Oscars


Best Overall Story

Best Comedy Story

Best Overall Page

Best Factual Page

Best Overall Blog

Best Wiki Event

Previous Winners

2011 Wiki Oscars

Best Photography - Beauty of Nature. by Annytin

Best Page Layout - Caribbean Broadcasting News by Multiple Users

Best Content - The Noob Academy and Learning Center by Multiple Users

Best Fan Creation - Daggerpaine Industries by GenLawrence

Best Blog - Memes by Matthew O'Malley

Best Fan Quest - Isla Inferno

Best Story - The Goldvane Trilogy by Captaingoldvane2

2012 Wiki Oscars

Best Page Layout - Savvy Designs by Voxelplox

Best Content - The Black Rogue by Jack Pistol

Best Fan Creation - Ecsyth by Parax.

Best Story - The Journey of the Leviathan 2 by GenLawrence

Best Photography - Hoja Fría de Fuego by Stpehen

Best Play - The Mystery of The Stolen Design by GenLawrence

Best Originality - The Good, The Bob, and The Ugly by Bobby Moon

2013 Wiki Oscars

Best Page Layout - EITC Third Division by Sir Joseph Grey

Best Content  - N/A

Best Fan Creation - Venables & Wellington Entertainment by Sir Joseph Grey

Best Blog - World War III? by Jeremiah Garland

Quest - Story Quest: Isla Salvaje by Parax.

Best Story - Christopher Crane by Parax.

Photography - 8th Brethren Court by Dentface

2014 - Mid 2015 Wiki Oscars

Best Overall Story - Men of the Day by Nults McKagan

Best Comedy Story - The Indubitable Romans by Nults McKagan & Parax.

Best Overall Page - Seluyk by Parax.

Best Factual Page - The Imperial Magocracy of The Chiss Descendancy by WaglingtonŒ

Best Overall Blog - Tragedy in Paris: Death of Freedom of Speech? by Jeremiah Garland

2015 Wiki Oscars

Best Overall Story - Invidere by WaglingtonŒ

Best Overall Blog - I've been gone for 20 minutes and have come to this by Peter Coalvane

Best Illustrations - The Adventures of Boba Fett, Johnny Goldtimbers, Commander Shepard, Filthy Frank, Hannah Bluefeather, Darth Vader, and Davy Gunfish by G-man.

2016 Wiki Oscars

Best Overall Page - 9th Brethren Court by Multiple Users

Best Overall Blog - The TLOPOnion by WaglingtonŒ

Best Factual Page - Zoomer by ZoomerStrife

Best Overall Story - Gangrene by WaglingtonŒ

Best Wiki Event -  The Legend of Pirates Online Beta by The TLOPO Dev Team


Captain Ned Edgewalker - Host/Judge

Nults McKagan - Judge

WaglingtonΠ- Judge

Former Staff

Note: If you are a former staff member of the Wiki Oscars, please feel free to add yourself.

Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) - Former President/Host

John Breasly - Former President/Vice President/Founder/Judge

Tama63 - Former President/Founder

Batorhos - Former Vice President/Founder

Dentface - Former Temporary Vice President/Judge

Lord Matthew Blastshot - Former Vice President

Squirto19 - Former Judge/Vice President

Lord Andrew Mallace - Former Chairman-in-Chief of the Janitorial Committee

Nomination & Voting Rules

  1. Nominations must be made in good faith, and cannot be an obvious troll nomination.
  2. Specific categories will have special criteria listed in the nomination forum. The criteria listed here, and on those forums (if there is special criteria listed) must be met. If all the criteria is met, the nomination will be reviewed and either approved or denied by Ned.
  3. Articles nominated must have been created in the calendar year that the Oscars are held in to be eligible.
  4. You cannot nominate yourself, although when the vote commences you may vote for yourself.
  5. Do not intentionally stir drama, you will be banned from officially participating in the Wiki Oscars.
  6. You must have at least 40 mainspace edits garnered over the course of the calendar year that the Oscars are being held for to vote in the Wiki Oscars.