I have not much to say in this will my colleagues, I did start with a lot and lost it all. Lets just get to the chase ok?


My leadership in Scotland will go one of my closest friends and fellow EITC members, Jason. For he has given me friendship.

My private guard, The Dark Guard, consisting of 300 brave courageous men who have been mercenaries and took the EITC oath. This guard which was never revealed to the EITC or anyone shall go to Johnny Goldtimbers. He was my good friend and my closest colleague. Along with my Expedition fleets will go to Johnny.

My wealth of gold from the Aztec temples and private manor in Great Britain shall go to Grace Goldtimbers.

My collection of swords, guns, bows, etc.... shall go to Sven Daggersteel.

My designs of the new ship I call "K.G. mark 2" flag ship will be given to Cadet, who has graciously, taken the time to always be there as a friend.

Finally, my highest ranking casual uniform shall go to Emily McSteel.

Goodbye my friends

Everyone has to die. I just always wanted to make my death look better. I dont know how to end this, so Im just gonna say "Goodbye".

                                                   With "Flags Flying High",

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