I, Francis Bluehawk grant these items from my caribbean inventory to the following people:

1 War Frigate for John Breasly the second of England

40 twists of tobacco, 5 bales of cotton and 3 chests of firearms will go to Jeffrey blasthawk.

Captain swash will recieve 50,000 pieces of gold along with one war galleon.

Captain goldvaine will recieve, 10 pounds of sugar, Driftwood island, 12 eitc prisoners of war, and 2 Horses one mare and one colt.

Benjamin Macmorgan of the EITC will recive Rumrunners Island, 40 bars of gold, a chest of rare indian spices, jewels, a shipment of 200 muskets, a shipment of 50,000 bullets, 150 cannons, and a fleet of retired brigade ships.

The rest of the list will be done later.

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