Jason Blademorgan

Jason I know we had a bad start at first and then became good friends in the future I want you to have my prized ship the RMS Cannonshot. I also give you my...

  • American Domain guild
  • American sword
  • American Domain presidents uniform
  • Key to my hidden rum cellar in Bahamas
  • My ceremonial sash
  • My painting of me in a generals uniform
  • Ceremonial sword
  • My secret stash of chocolate rabbits in Greenland.
  • A box of old photos of me during the United Empire
  • My old uniform during when I was working in the Co. Empire
  • My EITC Sgt. Sword
  • EITC musket
  • EITC ship the Blake Mercenary
  • The deed to my mansion in Bequermo aka the "White House"
  • My white wig during the time I was president of American Domain.
  • My crown jewels
  • My royal sash
  • My secret snowman army in Canada
  • My supply of tea in the India fort in Sri Lanka
  • My grand father clock
  • My decorated furniture
  • My ex- wife wedding ring


  • My Hot Chocolate cellar in Alaska,Scotland,and Swiss alps.
  • My private ship the Marcus
  • My mansion in Sweden
  • My savings in Sweden
  • My cane
  • My Gold PVP vest
  • My royal navy uniform
  • My EITC uniform
  • My old mug
  • My bag of spanish coins
  • All my gold bars in a old Aztec ruin
  • My (never used) peg leg
  • The deed to my huge estate in Austria
  • My private mansion in Austria, Viena
  • My butler Sir Globbington III
  • My old Spanish sword
  • An old French sword from King Louis the sun king
  • My pet camel in Turky
  • My bag of coal that I got from Santa
  • My diplomat sash

Peter Coalvane

Hey Peter you have been one of my closists friends in the game and I wish to give you the magic pen marker thingy! Remember the pen Peter XD that's how we first met in the game xD was that silly pen lol!

THEP EN!.png

Bill Plundebones

  • My private estate in Japan and China
  • A bag of old skeletons that I found in the tower of Iceland
  • A chest of diamonds and spanish gold coins
  • A jar of lava
  • A jar of jars
  • A ship in a bottle
  • A shrunken head
  • A bag of stolen voodoo dolls (I wouldn't go near the Gypsys with that bag if I was you)

Kat Bluedog

  • I would like to give you all my pages that I made on the wiki except the ones listed on the will.
  • I would also like you to be the new owner of the Seven Seas Chronichels and the Cannonshot Art Studio
  • The key to Sacred City. I want you to be the new mayor of Sacred City.
  • My Top hat that I got from Austria. You will look smashing (wonderful) in that hat!
  • My pet cat Duke of Fluffington.

Richard Goldvane

  • My mansion in  the caribbean
  • The deed to my hidden tavern in France
  • The deed to my vinyard near the border of Spain
  • A old indian hat that I got from India.
  • My red fort in India
  • My collection of ropes
  • My collection of old wigs


  • All my famed weapons
  • Including my Seven Seas Pistol
  • A bag of ghosts


  • A box of santas elf's (Note that these elf's were rejected because Santa hired new toy elf's)

Lawrence Daggerpaine

  • My page Pirate Hollywood
  • My old Hollywood Camera
  • My crew that used to be on my show
  • My director hat

Jack Pistol

  • A map to the second fountain of youth
  • A volcano on Padres that has Chocolate (DO NOT REMOVE LID OFF OF VALCANO)

Jard Pillagebane

  • The badge of the Role-Play Nations page. Keep a good on the page please Jarod? You are the new proud gardian of the Role-Playing Nations page and I wish you the best of luck friend!

Well I ran out of stuffs but I really mean this when I made this will. I wish these people the 

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