Jason Blademorgan

Jason I know we had a bad start at first and then became good friends in the future I want you to have my prized ship the RMS Cannonshot. I also give you my...

  • American Domain guild
  • American sword
  • American Domain presidents uniform
  • Key to my hidden rum cellar in Bahamas
  • My ceremonial sash
  • My painting of me in a generals uniform
  • Ceremonial sword
  • My secret stash of chocolate rabbits in Greenland.
  • A box of old photos of me during the United Empire
  • My old uniform during when I was working in the Co. Empire
  • My EITC Sgt. Sword
  • EITC musket
  • EITC ship the Blake Mercenary
  • The deed to my mansion in Bequermo aka the "White House"
  • My white wig during the time I was president of American Domain.
  • My crown jewels
  • My royal sash
  • My secret snowman army in Canada
  • My supply of tea in the India fort in Sri Lanka
  • My grand father clock
  • My decorated furniture
  • My ex- wife wedding ring


  • My Hot Chocolate cellar in Alaska,Scotland,and Swiss alps.
  • My private ship the Marcus
  • My mansion in Sweden
  • My savings in Sweden
  • My cane
  • My Gold PVP vest
  • My royal navy uniform
  • My EITC uniform
  • My old mug
  • My bag of spanish coins
  • All my gold bars in a old Aztec ruin
  • My (never used) peg leg
  • The deed to my huge estate in Austria
  • My private mansion in Austria, Viena
  • My butler Sir Globbington III
  • My old Spanish sword
  • An old French sword from King Louis the sun king
  • My pet camel in Turky
  • My bag of coal that I got from Santa
  • My diplomat sash

Peter Coalvane

Hey Peter you have been one of my closists friends in the game and I wish to give you the magic pen marker thingy! Remember the pen Peter XD that's how we first met in the game xD was that silly pen lol!


Bill Plundebones

  • My private estate in Japan and China
  • A bag of old skeletons that I found in the tower of Iceland
  • A chest of diamonds and spanish gold coins
  • A jar of lava
  • A jar of jars
  • A ship in a bottle
  • A shrunken head
  • A bag of stolen voodoo dolls (I wouldn't go near the Gypsys with that bag if I was you)

Kat Bluedog

  • I would like to give you all my pages that I made on the wiki except the ones listed on the will.
  • I would also like you to be the new owner of the Seven Seas Chronichels and the Cannonshot Art Studio
  • The key to Sacred City. I want you to be the new mayor of Sacred City.
  • My Top hat that I got from Austria. You will look smashing (wonderful) in that hat!
  • My pet cat Duke of Fluffington.

Richard Goldvane

  • My mansion in  the caribbean
  • The deed to my hidden tavern in France
  • The deed to my vinyard near the border of Spain
  • A old indian hat that I got from India.
  • My red fort in India
  • My collection of ropes
  • My collection of old wigs


  • All my famed weapons
  • Including my Seven Seas Pistol
  • A bag of ghosts


  • A box of santas elf's (Note that these elf's were rejected because Santa hired new toy elf's)

Lawrence Daggerpaine

  • My page Pirate Hollywood
  • My old Hollywood Camera
  • My crew that used to be on my show
  • My director hat

Jack Pistol

  • A map to the second fountain of youth
  • A volcano on Padres that has Chocolate (DO NOT REMOVE LID OFF OF VALCANO)

Jard Pillagebane

  • The badge of the Role-Play Nations page. Keep a good on the page please Jarod? You are the new proud gardian of the Role-Playing Nations page and I wish you the best of luck friend!

Well I ran out of stuffs but I really mean this when I made this will. I wish these people the 

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