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WWWM, or World Wide Weapon Makers is a weapon making company founded by Captain Shadow Sail and John Breasly. The WWWM makes very powerful weapons. Available to only certain pirates. It was founded by Shadow and John 3 years ago when Shadow did not want to make Master Ex public. The WWWM was the solution.
Screenshot 2011-01-16 19-45-091 World Wide Weapon Makers is a branch of Shadow and Co.!


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Shadow has always been skilled with all weapons, founding Master Ex and all. He contributed to all weapons there and was always famous for his fine crafted weapons. He is rich in gold, meaning he is able to buy some of the most expensive materials needed for weapons.

John Breasly is always thought of a bit of a weak king. However, he is an excellent weapon maker, which grants him his strength. He has made several unique weapons, which have not been unveiled to the general public. He is most gifted in wandlore and dagger-making, two very hard and nearly imperfectable arts. He can still make all sorts, but wands and daggers are his best.

William was a rich man, employed to his brother John Breasly. John always looked down on his brother's skills, until William made the Assassin's Pistol. Then, after heavy contemplation, John revealed the WWWM to William. He is an great gun maker, but is average at blades and staffs.

Samuel is a wealthy, master craftsman. He has many powerful weapons in his hands such as: The Sword of Cortez, the Blade of the Bloodlord, the Staff of Armadyl, and many more. Samuel specializes in making staves and wands and enchanting weapons with magical abilites.

Edgar is a wealthy master craftsman. He has made many a fine weapon. Edgar always wanted to be a master craftsman and now that he is he only uses the most fine ingredients in his work, Edgar has currently made no hand crafted weapons for the WWWM. He specializes in godly weapons such as Swords and Daggers, a very complex art which he prefers versus other weapons.hope

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