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Daggerpaine Industries and The Society of Light weapons are useful in defense and attack. There have been many weapons made, all powered by The essence of Light itself.

  • The XL Satellite Cannon- The main weapon used still futurized but now is modified by modern era components
  • The XL Leviathan Gunship- Was a giant helicopter but was destroyed in a battle with the darkness siege and been recreated as a huge warship.
  • The XL Valiant Escort Ship- Was a medium size helicopter then was recreated to a war sloop to escort the merchant ships.
  • DI.TSOL Merchant ship - ships that transport orders and equipment and weapons to other places.

TSOL weapons

The Light army and navy have lots of weapons as well most being The Great Leviathan and The flagship The T.S.O.L.W.S Maelstrom as the ASOTL of the Light.

Lots of other ships like theGen of Peace QAR tracker (also known as Bill Plunderbones' ship, White Runner.)

Ground weapons

All TSOL members are given certain normal weapons powered by Light energy.

  • Blessed Blades - Normal cutlass used by TSOL members they can channel the light powers through it and dispel darkness.
  • The Light's Blade - The Light of Destruction's own sword can channel all his powers and abilities as well as use extra sword skills.

XL Blunderbuss B series - A Blunderbuss for basic access pirates to use.

  • Basic Light scattershot shot
  • fast reload

XL Blunderbuss U series - A blunderbuss that can be used by unlimited access pirates.

  • Venom dipped Light scattershot
  • fast reload

XL Blunderbuss A series - Best unlimited access blunderbuss.

  • Triple Silver dipped Light scattershot
  • fast reload
  • unlimited ammo

XL Pistol - Basic pistol used by basic access.

  • Light bullets
  • Fast reload

XL Repeater U series

  • Triple Light bullets dipped in Venom
  • Fast reload

XL Master Repeater

  • Triple silver dipped light bullets
  • Fast reload
  • Unlimited ammo
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