Señor Jumper the Great
My other player
A mighty pirate with an X.


August 1st, 1700 in Sartain


September 19th, 2013 (POTCO Closed)


Barbarian Empire


Officer of Barbarain Empire


Storm-sail Thunder (War Sloop) Blue Rose (Light Sloop)

      X Jumper (Señor Jumper the Great) is a master level 50 Pirate who mastered all his skills as well as potions and fishing. He spends his time making new friends, hanging out with them, doing some looting for fine weapons, and PvP in epic battle. Wherever he goes, he is always polite and friendly. Just greet him with pleasure and he will give you a pat in the back!                                                                         

Making new piratey friends are always the best way to have fun in the game of Pirates Online. If you ever ask X Jumper to be his friend or join your guild, he would tip his hat saying Arrr! X Jumper will join every guild if he can, like a random guild skipper. Quoted by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, he believes X Jumper knows what it takes to be a good lad - Ye be a very good lad, mate. Savvy?


In his looting season, there are only two certain places X Jumper likes to loot at - the mines of El Patron and the dreaded Isla Tormenta. Those places are a good ole' pirate choices to get them goodies. As a looter, he currently collected seven legendary items with 400 pieces of famed. Of course, his strongest weapons are legendaries - Thunderspine Sword, Heart of Padres Del Fuegoo, World Eater Blade, Blade of the Abyss, Sliver Freeze, Norrington's Spyglass and Lost Sword of El Patron. With a varity of special fames, he will always be glad to use them against Jolly Roger and his minions. Perhaps, his choice of weapon will be his special banhammer, Jumpy with a chance of Banhammer (picture on the left).

PvPing with pirates is what he also does to spend in his Caribbean life. X Jumper is always ready for battle. Whether battling against enemies like Jolly Roger, the EITC, and the Navy, he will rather do some pirate vs. pirate. X Jumper is a master pvper with any weapon like cutlass dagger, and the any weapon match. He will always choose his best weapon to win against his opponent. Not much as Jolly Roger stands a mighty chance against X Jumper or else he will not able to rule the Caribbean and destroy Captain Jack Sparrow. If he ever does try to capture Captain Jack, X Jumper will be ready to save him from danger!

Notoriety Level 50 & Skills

Cannon: Level 30

Sailing: Level 30

Sword: Level 30

Shooting: Level 30

Doll: Level 30

Dagger: Level 30

Grenade: Level 30

Staff: Level 30

Potions: Level 30

Fishing: Level 30


Blue Rose - Light Sloop

Storm-Sail Thunder - War Sloop with Ship Custiomization Upgrades: Blue Sails, Speed Level 2 Rigging, and Hull StormChaser Level 6.

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