Yellow Serpent

Yellow Serpent is the Newest Society of Light/Daggerpaine Industries Warship it also serves as Bill Plunderbones main ship.

Billscopper brig8.1.jpg


The Ship is a T.S.O.L.W.S ( The Soicety of Light Warship Class) it was made by Iron and steel. Bill modified it to have lanterns like all his ships and flew the TSOL flag along with the Gen of Peace logo. It was created on January 9, 2012.

It was named and the emblem was made in honor of The Great Leviathan.


It has standard broadsides but has been outfitted with the ammo Explosives.

  • DI Tri-cannon - The ship was fitted with two Bow Tri-Cannons from Daggerpaine Industries
  • 24 Broadsides - fitted with explosive rounds
  • 12 deck cannons fitted with Light rounds.
  • (spectral Light energy cannonballs)
  • rank 2 sailing rigging - makes it go faster
  • Copperhead Hull
    Billscopper brig22.jpg


Most used to do material Rounds but also been fitted with a Dimensionalizer in the bow.It is also used along with the TSOLWS Maelstrom.

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