Sail ramming speed Yellow Voyager is a Frigate!!
The Yellow Voyager is the main ship of the pirate Lawrence Greasehazzard.
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She is a frigate. She is Used to to french privateering in Ship PVP.

Frigate-class vessels pack the most firepower, sporting numerous cannons and strong below-deck broadside capability. The warship's strongest armor is near the front with a weakness in the rear.

Considered to be by many the most effective tier of ships in the area of naval warfare, this claim is supported by the fact that it has the most hull points, most cannons, a larger crew capacity, and is slightly faster than the galleon tier. However, it does not hold the prize for largest broadside, which is lost to the War Galleon.

All frigates have two main masts (larger versions have additional smaller fore and aft masts) and a raised mid-deck. This elevated forward area can function as a look-out platform or additional forward-facing gun mounts.

Frigates are the only class of ship that has forward-facing cannons, giving them an advantage when attacking while advancing on an enemy.


Armor: 8400

Max Speed: 19 knots ( ramming speed)

Cannons: 10

Broadsides: 14

Max Cargo: 12

Max Crew: 10

Price paid: 5000 gold

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