The Ghost Knight of Vreren

The story takes place in Vreren, a small village in Tongeren when Ziggy was around 9 or 10 years old.

Ziggy was playing together with his cousin Celine on the farm of his grandparents. they where playing in a field. But then they found a skull of a horse. But the strange thing is, there never died a horse in that field, Ziggy's grandparents didn't even ever had horses. So how did that skull ended up there? Ziggy and Celine picked up the skull and placed him to a wall next to the goats shelter, and Ziggy took 3 teeth out of the skull and put it into his jacket. That night Ziggy was staying with his grandparents. Ziggy was sleeping in his bed, and all of a sudden he hears a horse whinny. But there wasn't a horse at all on the farm. Ziggy looked through his window and he saw a ghost knight on a horse. Ziggy went back to back hoping it was a dream. next day h
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e want back to the goats shelter and the skull, it was gone. Ziggy looked in his jacket, but the teeth where gone too. Ziggy and Celine went back to the field and they found the skull back on the spot where they found the skull before. again Ziggy put him against a wall next to the goat shelter en took two teeth out of it. The next night, he heard the horse again, and the skull and teeth where gone again. but they didn't found the skull ever again. It will remain a mystery for ever.


This story is based on a true story that actually really happened to me.

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